A frame re-do

My friend Kari Ann is getting married next month. We are so excited for her and are much involved in this big celebration (um, I'm doing her wedding photography- EEEK- and the kids are all in the wedding. It will be an interesting day to say the least! Hee!) 

Last week, I made her and her fella a little gift for their home. 

I found this frame at a yard sale... it had this "beautiful" picture in it:

I took it out and was left with this gold frame. 

A little spray paint, some chicken wire, and some ribbon, and I turned it into this: 

The kids added their own banner to it too: 

They had some more frames like this at the yard sale, and I so wish I'd bought them all! 


  1. Awe, I love how thoughtful you are Virginia. I bet she cried. I would have cried. I did cry and it's not even mine! Love your sweet heart, friend.

  2. I LOVE this!! And girl, good luck with the wedding, I am still too chicken to attempt it myself! You will do awesome!

  3. You are always so creative, Virg! They will love it.

  4. Only you can make something so adorable!


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