October 1st

What am I doing?

Going thrift store shopping for new fall clothes (because mine from last year are too big. Holla.).

Decorating the house for fall/Halloween. I'll share the fun around the house this week.

Celebrating b'days. My bestie aunt, my youngest little, and my birthdays were all last week.

Getting ready for Poe in the Parlour... a friend hosts a spooky reading night once a week during October. Tonight is the first one. So deliciously creepy and also a little educational.

Enjoying the library and the rain over the weekend. Reading "The Mysterious Benedict Society" and laughing and tearing up a bit. It also makes me think that we have a Constance Contraire living in our home.

Missing various people that have moved, are moving, or are not here anymore.

Getting excited and a wee bit nervous about the growth and movement God is doing in our church plant for Leeds. Change is coming and it's cool but new and a little scary.

Feeling burnt out about being mama sometimes. Especially at the moment as it's the end of the day and there seem to be more tears than usual.

Loving the fall because it means more craftiness for me. Feeling crafty. Wishing for more craft time. I need to restrict myself into a routine so I can get crafty again or else if I wait "til I have time", it'll never happen.

So that's what's going on with me.

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  1. I am just choosing to ignore the Leeds church plant right now. I cannot deal with it since I'm still grieving the Springville one. Grieving and celebrating and dealing with the conflicts within my heart. Barf.


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