First Day of School

I finally got a chance to pull out the wonderful Student Council kit and got the first day of school pictures of my two bigs that I've been saving to use with it! 

(The Student Council kit is sold out, BUT there is a Student Council Limited Edition up for grabs!)

This was the first time I've gotten to use the MME acrylic dots, and boy do I love them! I really like how they fit right in with a splattering of mist and big brads!

Also, a small tip for other "literal" scrappers like myself... for some reason, I have a hard time using things like speech bubbles if it's not coming out of someone's mouth (hence why I call myself a "literal" scrapper), so I just snipped off the tip of the "school days" wooden speech bubble and used it as a regular ol' embellishment. Perfect! (I also have a hard time using animals like deer on my pages unless it has some connection to the theme of my layout. Weird much? Yes.) 

And now you know another little peek inside of my crazy brain. Please still be my friend. ;) heheh

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