My new scrap area

So, I told you guys yesterday about our "fluffing the nest" project. Another aspect of it is that for quite some time now, I've not had a dedicated crafting area. I've had storage for all my supplies, but I long ago gave up my desk and had just kind of been scrapping where ever most evenings happened to find me (a lot of times in front of the computer).

In an effort to going back to being true to who I am, who I have been created to be, I knew I needed to carve out a place for myself again.

So here's my little area, tonight, after I got to the art of being messy with paints and such.

 The current craft table in the playroom mostly served these days as a "pile stuff on it" table and less of a craft table. The kids use the dining room table for projects, so it just made sense to move their art supplies to a shelf in there, and take over that part of the playroom for myself.



Anyways, it (so far) serves this purpose very, very well. And now the kids play along side me and I can work or just hang out with them.

I quite love it.

Tonight, it was so easy to settle down and get to work on a little project I made as a birthday gift. 

Ain't she cute? ;) (She's a Silhouette mermaid, by the way. I just snipped off the birthday hat that normally comes on her.) 

So all this rambling to say... if you can carve out a small space if your home that helps you to be able to pursue the gifts God has given you to enjoy, do it. It's good for the soul.


  1. I totally agree! I have been lucky enough to always have an area just for me. And that mermaid is adorable!

  2. It's super cute, V. I love fluffing my nest every so often. It's cleansing and refreshing!

  3. V, you NEED an Etsy. Just thought I'd let you know that!!;)


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