Fluffing the Nest

So, if you are friends with me on facebook, you may have seen my rant a few days ago about living in a small house. The whole "small houses create close families" is something I believe in with all my heart, but as I said on that particular post, it was starting to feel more like small houses create insane asylums. 

For the most part, I adore my house. It's old, it has character, it has a screened in front porch, but as with all things of this world, I get to a place of discontent. I start to yearn for something else that I think will "make me happy." And truth be told, that is not going to be found in stuff or houses with lots of awesome storage space or whatnot. We all know that. Contentment is an issue that I find that I come back to time and time again in my life, and have to go back to my Creator to find true satisfaction with it. 

Practically speaking, we needed a clean out. So on the heels of stomach bugs and being stuck at home for far too long, we (and by we, I do mean we... the kids always have to help on these sorts of tasks!) went through the playroom and bedrooms and piled up stuff that we are going to sell in a yard sale and/or give away. So many things that we had just kind of collected along the way but were serving no real purpose in our lives or home. 

I mean, when your oldest, a bit OCD with organizing daughter starts to cry one day because "we have too many toys!" that should sort of be a wake up call, right? 

(Yes. She really did say that.) 

One of the places that we have had the most decorating/design/organizing challenges has been the girls' room. They all three share a room, and with the span being an almost 3 year old to a 7 year old, it creates some issues. 

Emerson has LOVED this picture we found on pinterest, so we went about making the bunks some curtains using flat sheets, curtain clip rings, and tension rods. 

She. loves. it. 

Twinkle lights make everything better, right? I want to add some curtains and or bunting on that window too. The last ones were pulled down by a certain toddler and I just haven't replaced them. 

The girls dressing corner.

Emerson, basking in her room. We want to add some little storage pieces on the walls next to their beds (probably something like this). 

I love seeing this smile. And the amount of stuff cleaned out of her closet already seems to be contributing to her sense of restfulness. 

Meanwhile, on the bottom bunk....

Yeah. They are quite the pair. Usually, Ariana sleeps on the trundle, but for the time being, she's sleeping with Sabriel so they can share her curtain (aka cool bed tent). 

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