End of the Year Teacher Gifts

I almost forgot to post these!

These are our simple end of the year teacher gifts. Teachers work SO hard, and I know that these little gifts don't fully express our appreciation for all they do, but I hope that it helps them know that they are loved!

I got the idea from this blog (via pinterest!)... she's got a lot of other cute gift ideas on her blog. I've got several bookmarked for future ideas!

We wrapped up a nice soft beach towel, an issue of Real Simple magazine (everyone likes that, right?!), and one of those great plastic straw cups that we personalized with vinyl + my Silhouette machine.

The tag says "All year you worked hard to make learning fun, so now it's your turn to relax in the sun!" 

Some other cute things to add to this gift (depending on your budget) would be to fill the cup up with a favorite candy, or a gift card to Starbucks; add a tube of sunscreen; add some Burt's Bees chapstick; put it all in a swim tote; throw on some flip flops or sunglasses... there are really a lot of things you could add to this! If only I had unlimited funds.... :) 

I would love to hear what ideas you did for your kiddos' teachers this year! Please leave a comment and a link if you've got one! :) 


  1. that is a wonderful and thoughtful idea! a lot more personalized! thanks! :)

  2. Love this idea!! I was thinking of giving a pack of some kind of soda with a card that says 'soda-lighted you were my teacher this year'...or something like that :) Thankfully we still have about a month left for me to figure it out!


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