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I've been watching the fun they've been having at Life Rearranged for a while, and finally I'm joining in this week! :) 

It's no secret that I love rain & thunderstorms. It was the perfect backdrop earlier this week to tucking myself into bed with a new book from the library. 

(I liked the book alright, and I'll probably read the sequels to it, but I agreed with this review to some extent, just in case you're curious!)


I have a stack of photos next to my bed of my dad and me... I'm rotating through them as bookmarks. I can't really bring myself to work on any projects with them. 


The youth at church are heading out to their annual beach trip next week. I'm sad that I can't go with them, but hopefully I will be able to next year. We hired one of our young friends to do a little work in our yard earlier this week to give him some spending money. It's so weird that he's in the youth group now. We've known him since he opened his eyes for the first time. It weirds me out because I see how quickly time goes and I know it won't seem like too much longer and our kids will be packing their own bags for beach trip. 


This is my new, favorite necklace. A sweet present from my love for Mother's Day. I think I've worn it 4 times this week already. 


Yesterday was our end of the year party for Mom's Day Out. We had ice cream and chaos. ;) It was bittersweet... most of the kids in my class I've had for two years, because I worked in the younger class last year, and they just moved up with me into my new class this year. Most of the kids will be returning, but there was one particular little guy that will be going on to full time preschool and I won't deny wiping away a few tears yesterday. 

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