My Shadow

This little girly is my constant shadow... never far from me, always looking to me for reassurance with those big brown eyes, covering me with kisses... even in the midst of her constant  boundary pushing with me. I suppose she figures I'm the safest person to figure out where the boundaries lie (even though it wears this mama slap out!).

I used the Jack & Jill kit from NoelMignon and some odds & ends from my stash to record a little bit about this, and to remind myself that she's only a little girl for a short amount of time.

The funny thing about this layout is that I remember my older cousin wrote a poem about me when I was little, titled "My Shadow." It was right after we had moved to Germany (dad was in the Army and we were stationed there for a few years) and it meant that we were separated from family that we had been around for a good part of my childhood. That poem came to mind as I was working on this layout... another source of connection with my little one. 

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