Fluffing the Nest

I posted the other day on facebook that I was spending the day "fluffing our nest."

(Not to be confused with nesting. That implies babies arriving or some sort of craziness like that. Nothing like that here. Sometimes with my track record that can be confusing.) hehe

So, my definition of "fluffing the nest" is straightening up those neglected corners of the house... finally putting all the books back on the bookshelf correctly vs. just shoving them in any little spot they'll fit...putting away the random stuff that gets left places and then becomes a part of the environment...

This week, I've rearranged/organized our pantry + kitchen cabinets (boring but oh-so-necessary), cleaned up & straightened up the built in bookshelves in our living room, and bought and decorated a few things in our living room.

I had a corner of the living room that needed "fluffing," so I went on the hunt at our local thrift stores.... and at the last stop (at a wonderful store called Second Time Around), found this gem.

(They actually had a second one there, in case anyone local wants to go grab it!)

Even though the wood was really pretty, I wanted something that was colorful and rustic looking. I began by using some yellow paint all over it. I used my craft acrylic paint and just dry brushed it on.
Then added some teal and turquoise and baby blue...

A few splotches of red....

And I ended up going over the top a few more times with some whites, yellows, and blues, before giving the whole piece a GOOD sanding. I also sprayed it with a matte acrylic sealant that will keep it pretty looking. :)
I love how it looks!
I'll share a few pics later of my other treasure I found. It was a good thrifting day!


  1. I love what you did with this table! you are awesome!

  2. i LOVE it, too bad i didn't live closer. that would work perfectly for this spot in our kitchen. thanks for sharing those paint tips too!

  3. Love it! I am currently working on a headboard for our bed. I will be sure to let you know when I post pics of it! You will LOVE it!


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