I realized although I had shared on facebook my -Authentique- news, I had not shared here!

I have the joy of getting to work with sweet Margie again with the brand new company -Authentique. (For my family & non-scrapbooking friends, this means I have the awesome job of getting to design projects with their products.)

Something that is hard to translate online, but one of the biggest features of these papers, is the quality of the paper. It has a lovely, thick texture to it, and great designs that are timeless yet modern. I honestly really think you're going to love these papers.

I do. :)

Make sure to check out the facebook page for the latest news! They have lots more on there, including the final part of the summer release, "Splendid." It has my favorite green in it! :)


  1. These are gorgeous projects made with gorgeous product!! I cannot wait to get my hands on some of this!!

  2. it's all gorgeous!! can't wait to see the papers in real life and add to my collection! :D

  3. i mean, i know it is great stuff BUT you make Authentique look gooooood!!

  4. i love that board hangy thing. :)

  5. I went out and bought this paper line as soon as I saw your post. Love your stuff, very inspiring!


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