S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y Night!

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After a super busy week, it's so nice to have a quiet night. I guess I'm starting to show my age when my ideal Saturday night is chilling at home, snacking on some Smarties & dt. Dr. P., preparing for Sunday School, and then doing a little scrapping....

I love it when we're all at home, doing our own thing, but *together.* Atticus was digging doing some creative stuff today, Em was in a very laid back mood after getting to play with one of her friends for a few hours, Sabriel was doing whatever gets into that crazy girl's head, and Shaun was poking around in the kitchen.

Now I can hear the crickets & other night bugs outside our house, and can see fireflies flickering outside the windows. The ceiling fan is going above, flip flops are on the feet, and I've got that "worn out summertime feeling."

Before I go enjoy the rest of my evening, I wanted to share with y'all a couple of cool things on the web I've found recently:

First- Go to this Glidden Paint link before July 2nd, and order your FREE quart of paint. That's right... free! I ordered Pool Party with plans to paint a few little things here and there around the house, in preparation for my kitchen painting plans I have!

Secondly- Got little girls? My friend Molly got me into looking at these cool little girl hairstyle blogs. I love fixing my girlies' hair into fun new styles, and these give lots of step by step pictures. The two I like the best (so far) are Adopt a 'Do and Cute 2 Try Hairdos. We braided Em's hair tonight in preparation for something along this style tomorrow... although the braids look pretty cute on their own!

Thirdly- How cool is this? I love this family organization center! And, I mean, any family that has an "Emerson" must be cool... ;) Make sure to check out the post for full details and more pics!

My friend Michelle was telling me about something similar to this, but on a smaller scale, that she saw in a magazine. They hung a clipboard for each family member (to sort whatever papers they had going in/out), and then screwed a hook through the bottom of each clipboard into the wall. Then each family member could hang their jackets, backpacks, purses, etc., beneath their clipboard. How cool - and simple - is that?! I got the Hubs to pick up some clipboards today. :)

Fourthly- I love to see people take something that is pretty funky and not so cool looking into a totally new piece. It's even more awesome when it's practical, too!This funky bow holder fits all the criteria. Check it out here at U Create. You could use this as a memo board (with clips to hold on notes or cards) too! I'm definitely keeping my eye out for some architecturally interesting frames the next time I hit up yard sales.


  1. LOVE those hair links!!! Thanks so much. :) (and i just ordered my paint toO!!! hehehe) Perfect for a project I've been wanting to do in Grace's room.

  2. That memo board is AMAZING! I love that... Pottery Barn has one similar to that and I have been drooling over it for some time now.

  3. You are just full of info!!! I am going now to order my paint and check out the hairstyle site! : )

  4. Gonna check out those hair style sites...we'll see how they translate with curly hair. There was one I found a long time ago but can't find it anymore so I'm glad you posted these.


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