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If you're involved in the scrapbooking industry, you probably know (and have noticed on multiple blogs) that there is a lot of "Cosmo Cricket" love going on right now on the internet. This is because they've ever-so-innocently put out the invitation for us to all upload our favorite Cosmo Cricket projects and submit them to the powers that be over at CC for a coveted spot on their design team!

Of course I am not going to let this pass me by, even though I know I probably have a shot in a million at getting on the team... but here goes!

One of my most recent projects, with mostly the Early Bird & Girl Friday lines from Cosmo Cricket,

(I used the new "Five Foot Two" & "Eyes of Blue" kits from Noel Mignon to put this together, so there are a few other things thrown in there.)

My friend Katie just reminded me to add this: This shutter made the top 10 in views and votes on 2peas last week!

I was uncertain the other day if it needed anything else, so I added the tin can on the front to hold pens & pencils, and a few hooks to hold keys & such. I'm very happy with this fun memo board that greets me in our entryway!
You can see the before pics of this, ahem, "beautiful" shutter before I altered it here.
Another project from the Noel Mignon kits, featuring the Early Bird line and some recent maternity pics I had made at the beach. I love how these vintage inspired papers have the perfect combination of bright and happy along with vintage and old fashioned. Just up my alley!

I made these cards recently and they are a big combination of papers and embellishments, but they are all tied together with a piece of paper from the Lil' Man collection by Cosmo Cricket. It was the perfect touch, and that's what I love about all their products.
(These cards were made with the current kit from Scripts!)

I know it may seem a little ahead of schedule, but no Cosmo Cricket tribute is complete without my excessive useage of their "Haunted" line and blackboard embellishments last Halloween for some Halloween decor!
This was for an add-on kit for Scripts during October... loved this little blackboard box!The blackboard Haunted embellishments made the best accent on this frame!

A Halloween mini album with...more Haunted on it!
I gave this as a gift; I loved that little skeleton dude!
Ok, ok, I know- enough of the Halloween! How 'bout a little "Hello Sunshine" to get us back in the summertime?
Such a happy, happy line! I had to use it for our family birthday album, too!

The idea of using a "two-up" album, scrapbook-style, is not a new one, but I still think it's a great one! I have a really hard time scrapping event photos (like from birthdays and holidays), so an album like this where I can keep all the photos together for display, and still make pretty is perfect for me!

(These are the intro page to each party.)
A few more layouts that I have, these are from the beautiful Ever After line:

And a little of the Girl Friday line:

One last one with a little Cosmo Cricket thrown in on the background.... more Hello Sunshine, of course! Can you tell I get on a kick with a certain line and then I can't stop? hee hee
1. People who love Cosmo Cricket products and feel inspired by them.

I think it's pretty clear that I have a serious addiction to their designs!

2. People who have a great sense of design.
3. People who are creative.

I'm not sure about these things for me- but I love to create & it makes me happy. :)

4. People who maintain an active blog and are connected to online communities.

Clearly, my other serious addiction- the internet. 'Nuff said.

5. People who are not afraid to submit for publication.

Thanks to my friend's Gretchen & Katie's encouragement, I'm trying to do this more and more now. I'm not afraid of it anymore- I even submitted 5 things last week, and let me tell ya folks, that is a huge deal!

6. People who are low maintenance, dedicated, easy to get along with, generally happy and fun to be around.

Now this I can say with confidence- I definitely fit the bill for all these requirements!

I would clearly be thrilled to get a chance to design for an incredible company like Cosmo Cricket... here's hoping you guys give me a chance! Thanks for taking the time to look!


  1. These look terrific V! I really LOVE them all! You're so stinkin' creative, and that message board just may find its way to my house soon! ;) :D

  2. it's all so cute!! love it all and i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and WAY TO GO on submitting! I'm proud of you - it's about time girl!!

  3. oh V you would be a perfect fit!!!! Good luck!! they would be lucky to have you!!!

  4. oh V you would be a perfect fit!!!! Good luck!! they would be lucky to have you!!!

  5. You are the coolest Virg!
    love all these fabulous projects!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

  6. Your creations are spectacular! I know that Cosmo Cricket would seriously be missing out if they didn't pick you for their design team. Good Luck!

  7. Your work is always soooo inspirational! I love how versatile you are Virginia!

  8. good luck to ya Virginia. you rock the Cosmo!
    {get it...rock the casbah! haha!}

  9. and i forgot to mention that i absolutely adore that "tea time" layout with the Girl Friday stuff! how i have i not seen that one before? you holding back expert layouts from me??!!

  10. As usual I love everything you've come up with! You definitely got the creative gene :) They'd be crazy not to pick you! Good luck!!!!

  11. Love all your projects! I am seriously making one of those memo boards. How did you get the clothes pin to attach?

  12. Carol, I started by using glue dots and red super tape to get the clothes pin to attach, but they weren't keeping it up. I ended up taking the clothespin apart, nailing a small nail through it, into the board, and then putting the clothespin back together!

    Hope this helps!

  13. Beautiful work, girl!!!

    They'd be super lucky to have you! =)


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