Birthday Fun *photo heavy!* and Bedroom Makeover

We wanted to keep Em's actual b'day pretty low-key, but still special, because we are having a party later this month for her and Atticus. However, one thing that she had been talking about for a while is that we could paint her room pink... so yesterday became "new princess room day."

We also had "rainbow" cake and sang happy birthday:
She confused "make a wish" with "praying." hehehe
My brother came over and helped me juggle the kids and paint, and we knocked out the girls' room while Sabriel took a really long nap (thank goodness!) in Atticus' room. I finished up today by making her duvet cover and new pillow case (more on that in a minute). She LOVES their new room!


(Aka sad and depressing. No little girls should have to share a room like this.)

Come on in to the after:
The existing comforter we had was really old and not super girly, so instead of buying a new comforter (that, ahem, we couldn't really budget in right now), I bought two flat sheets ($3 a piece at Walmart) and sewed a duvet cover for the comforter. Added some ribbon and trim to the cover and to the pillow case.... y'all, I am NOT a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination. Anyone could do this. I did it all in about an hour today!
The little polka dot pillow covers yet again an old throw pillow we had, and the material is one of Em's old flannel blankets from when she was a baby.

I bought the green canopy for $1 at Pier One Imports when a local store was going out of business. It's been in the closet since Em was a baby.
A thrifted dresser & mirror we got locally for $35 in December.
A canvas I made for the girls a couple of months ago.
I took the french doors off of the closet when we first moved in to make the toys easily accessible. A couple of filmy curtains make it look more whimsical.

The girls have the biggest closet in the house. I'm not sure if that is sad or just fitting.
This chandelier was bought many years ago when I was still single and a nanny! I got it at Kirklands on sale, with a gift card, and have always loved it but never had a good spot to hang it.

I think it must've been waiting for our little girls.
Em enjoying her new bed.

Now that I know I can do it, I'm going to go back and get more flat sheets and make Sabriel matching bedding.
The lambie I got at the trading party a while back, and a little collage I made for the frame. The glittery letters say "wish," and the rub-on is from Jenni Bowlin. The smear of brown ink is an addition from Em. ;)I love that I did all of this (with the help of my bro) myself, with stuff from around our home or super duper cheap. That is my (and, the Hubs'!) kind of makeover!


  1. Adorable! Love that it was all done on the cheap too. That's really the best way. Show's you're much more creative than any rich chick who would just go buy something in a fancy store that someone like you would design. :)

  2. super cute and adorable - just like the two little princesses that live in the room!!! :)

  3. This is such an adorable room Virginia! You did and awesome job!

  4. V!!! I love what you did! I knew you were going to do something cute and crafty for her birthday, and I couldn't wait to read about it! Thank you for sharing with all of us. You are such a good mommy... these are the kinds of things your babies will remember forever... well maybe not this exact thing (they're still pretty young), but I know you'll continue doing these kinds of things... you get the point ;)
    Can't wait to see you!

  5. So cute!!! And I never thought of using sheets for a duvet cover. I'm not real good at sewing but that might actually be something I could do!! Love the makeover :)

  6. LOVE the makeover!!! You did an amazing job. Hope the girls enjoy it for years to come!

  7. OK, friend, I'll be decorating a whole house in the next couple of months -- am SO hoping for your help!

  8. What a great room!!! I love how you did the pillows and bedding!

  9. Wow! You did a phenomenal job painting and decorating! It looks like a princess lives there! But of course TWO do!! :D :D Happy late b'day Em! :D

  10. Alright Virge...that is it, you and I are going into business together!
    LOVEY LOVE LUV it!!!

  11. Wow!!! Girl this looks awesome. But you have always had a great eye for home decorating! That is one thing I always enjoyed about going to your house (apartment back in the day). It has always felt so warm and cozy!!

  12. Such a cute mom, and those girls are the luckiest to have you!

  13. I keep trying to decide what to do about my girls' room. This looks AWESOME! You have inspired me. I must do something about their room -- SOON!

  14. Oh, to be a princess living under your cozy roof! Lovely, V!!! I wish I had your "eye" for recycling. You and Bro did a super job! Happy Birthday, Em!

  15. What a pretty little birthday princess and a gorgeous new room! Great work V.

  16. hey i just discovered this website: http://scraptagious.com/ and your blog is on the first page of the personal blog section! how cool. just a fyi in case you didn't know.

  17. Amazing! Love how you transformed this room on a budget! Definitely a princess room now!

  18. This is great Virginia. Lovely colors. I think some butterflies hanging from the ceiling would look cute too. I love the yellow curtain. I have been in need of a new duvet but relating to the dough problem. You have inspired me to make my own. So much cheaper. Off to target today to get two flat sheets. I don't know why I didn't think of that before.

  19. These are great tips! What an awesome make-over!


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