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This is the time of year where everyone is evaluating what new goals they want to set, what things they can change, organizing their home & lives, etc. etc... I love the fresh slate, the idea that there is a clean canvas in which I can create new ideas & memories.

I love how Ali Edwards promotes the idea of "intentions" vs. "resolutions." For some reason, resolutions tend to intimidate me a bit more... I have that fear of failure and all, ya know? ;)

I made a little list of general "intentions" for 2009 with the December Scripts Kit. I have some other more detailed things that I'd like to add... I'll probably do that in an art journal entry.

(That picture of me in the layout was taken by the great Katie B!)


I kind of get in a funk this time of year, so I've been trying to focus & do things that I know lift my spirits, like re-organizing and decorating.

Our playroom is the first room you come into when you enter our house, so it always bugs me for it to be cluttered... but the nature of the beast is that it IS a play room, so it's gotta be lived in, ya know?

I try my best to keep the decor and the arrangement in there as streamlined and organized looking as possible, so once it is time to clean up, it looks halfway decent. I've also found that I still kind of feel like I am learning what the best way is to arrange things in this house... it's been around 2 1/2 years since we moved in, but I finally feel like I've found a "place for everything," or at least, am getting there.

Here are a few shots of our new cleaned up playroom. No, it doesn't usually look this picked up. ;)
(See Em's new dollhouse down there in the pic? That was mine when I was a girl, and it was a long time dream to finally seen to fruition to be able to pass it down. It is MUCH enjoyed by all three kiddos so far.)
This picture really makes me happy, because there used to be a really big basket down there next to the bookcase that would get piled up with bags, shoes, jackets, and anything & everything else. I moved my Nancy Drew books that were on the bottom shelf of the bookcase to another spot in the house and now have this nice little spot to stick our shoes and backpacks. Love it.

(If you click on the pic, you can see the cool canvas my brother painted for me for my birthday present earlier this year.)

Ok, so I'm sure you're bored at my rambling... I just basically was so excited about these little accomplishments that I wanted to share with someone! :)

In my cleaning out, I came across a few older idea books that I want to give away. Leave your favorite little organization tip (or better yet, a link to your blog post where you've done some New Year's organizing!) and I'll put your name in the hat to win! I'll draw two winners and they will win either this pair of books:
Or this pair of books:
(They are older, but they all still have some really good content & ideas!)


  1. It must be in the air...I've been doing the same things this week. Re-arranging and reorganizing!

    Love how your playroom looks more like a comfy den than a mega toy zone. We have the same problem in our house...the door we enter the house with enters right into the playroom. I keep it picked up pretty well, but it's still toy zone. I need a couch or something in there....

    I also love that green on the walls! I'd love to paint my office something like that...

  2. So much to say...
    1. LOVE the LO, the intentions vs. resolutions, and that pic is one of my faves of you!
    2. Wow! Your house looks amazing! I give it 10 minutes! hehe! (only because that's the record at our house.)
    3.As far as organizing, it's one of my major weaknesses. BUT I did just get the 2nd tier for my clip-it-up, so that's my organizing "intention"!

    Hope you had a happy New Year! ;)

  3. Great LO! Love the "intentions." I've started the MAJOR organizing too....but my own way...which is my organizing tip. PURGE!!!!!!!!!! Don't be afraid to trash it (whatever IT is...it is JUST stuff!)

  4. I think we're all reorganizing this month! Love your LO. I think I have most of those intentions as well! Great pics of your home, too :)

  5. I am SO hoping to get going on this same train. It's a new year and I need a fresh start!! Good job on yours. Is that Dill Pickle?? My favorite. My playroom and scraproom are the same colors!! See ya soon.

    Anna Bess

  6. OK, I didn't know I could love that room anymore than I did BUT it looks so good!!! I love it.

  7. oh...also, I am in love with that layout (the picture and the colors).

  8. Thanks for the encouragament. I like the idea of intentions better too! You have given me hope Virginia!!!!!!!

    I love that little room of yours. I ecspecially love the color. So cute!

  9. That layout is awesome! Also, your house looks good...looks like you are making some serious organizing progress. :-)

    My tip is just to get rid of things you know you won't use anymore...which you obviously know works b/c you are passing on your books to others. :-)

    Go V go!

  10. awesome organizing- great pics! you're helping inspire me to try & get some things together at our house too. i love the shoe/packpack area (shoes & stuff that collects to go upstairs is a constant chore for me) also the playroom is just super! all of us with preschoolers/ toddlers have toys all over! lol!
    & that canvas- rocks. he needs to sell prints- it's too cute!
    keep going & keep sharing! you're doing great--your home looks fantastic!! happy new year!!

  11. Well - i was going to leave a comment even before I saw the 'prizes' at the end of the post.

    Love the playroom. It is amazing that you can have your scrapbook area in a place that the kids can get too - if I did that I would stress constantly b/c my son would want to play with everything!

    The color is great too! And that is such a sweet little dollhouse. I hope I have a girl (eventually) so we can have a dollhouse one day.

  12. My one tried and true organizing tip is to purge! I am not afraid to throw away things. Throw away the junk mail as soon as it comes in. I also do this with my boys' school papers. I keep a few and throw the rest away. My house is too small to keep everything. Love the green walls in your playroom. My kitchen is also a very bold green and I LOVE it!

    I'd love to win those books. BTW, I need to purge my scrapbook mags too. Thanks for reminding me.

  13. I was thinking about New Year's resolutions this morning - about how I didn't make any - but I really need to work on me - and intentions are a much better approach to self-improvement. Regarding organization - nothing beats 'a place for everything and everything in its place', but I have also lately started labeling common areas so other family members will put things back in their place (how OCD of me, I know). Happy New Year !


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