Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Oh geez, I am such a dork. ;)

The winners of the drawing for the idea books (see post below) are:


Gals, email me your addresses and I'll send these off to you asap!

Thanks for all the organization tips! I am a big fan of the "purge" as so many of you are too! It just feels so good to get rid of extra stuff around the house. I use the philosophy of, "Do I love it? Does it serve a purpose?" and if it doesn't fit that criteria, then it goes.

Oh, and because someone mentioned it- my brother does sell prints, and you can check them out here at his etsy shop:

Macabre Ink

I have another question for y'all, but it's kind of off the wall.

The Hubs and I were discussing the other day how our generation of actors doesn't really have a Clint Eastwood/Humphrey Bogart/John Wayne "Strong Silent Type/Man's Man" sort of actor.

We kept tossing around names, but we couldn't really come upon one that seemed to 100% fit that type.

Can you think of one?


  1. um, did you and B plan to use the same post title today?? weird.

  2. You mean Robert Pattinson didn't top your list???? ;)

    I'm thinking Bruce Willis, just a little bit, but not to that extent...just thinking about the Die Hard movies.

  3. yey me :) Hmmm, a man's man is hard to find these days. I'm thinking the only one that comes close is maybe Mel Gibson. I'm thinking of The Patriot & Braveheart in particular. Or maybe Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies. Ok, we've been watching those a lot since I have a little 4yr old IJ fan! Or as he says "Indy & the Jones" lol

  4. my only suggestions would be george clooney but i'm not sure he's good enough!

    in other news - I left something special for you on my blog - check it out!


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