Top Ten Layouts of 2008

Ok, so I've seen a few scrappers do this (Andrea, Amy Tangerine, Alexis Hardy) and I figured I'd jump on board too!

Here are my top ten favorite layouts I've made in 2008.... in no particular order:

Whew. That is hard to just pick 10! I think I put a little of myself in every layout I make, so it's hard not to love each layout for knowing some of the creative process that went into making each one. I can say this- this has definitely been a productive year for me! I'm looking forward to what 2009 brings for creativity in all areas of my life (well, maybe not the baby-creating arena... we need a little break from babies in our house for a bit! hehehe).

Talk to ya next year! ;)

(Yes, I am that corny.)


  1. you completely rock girl! there is no way i could pick ten of your layouts that are the best - they ALL are fab!!

  2. great layouts!...i did a combo of scrappy stuff and pics that i love...happy '09 to you & your family...

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  4. i have been using the "see you next year" joke all day. it never gets old! love the layouts!

  5. All of your work is amazing. I finally put together the "Holiday Traditions" album......Love Love Love it!
    I honestly think you're the most inspiring scrapper on the net.

    Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

  6. OOOH! I see some of my faves made the top 10. Beautiful and inspiring as usual, V. You are awesome!!!!

  7. Wow, those are amazing! :)

  8. I have to say my favorite idea is the one about the "Daddy". I made a slideshow to celebrate Dave's fortieth b'day and saw a picture of him feeding Nicholas (now age 12) and I titled it "Cool Dad's Feed Babies". Isn't it great that we have such wonderful hubbies! I am sending you an email.


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