Teaching youth

I've been teaching the senior high girls at our church for a couple of years now.

Those creatures that are intimidating, confusing, amazing, and humbling.

My own youth pastor made a tremendous impact on me. A tremendous  impact on my understanding of the Gospel. God used him in such sweet way in my life. He showed me, through mr. jeff, a small glimpse into what Jesus looked like.

I never thought I'd end up working with teens myself. Even as a teen, they scared me. But for some reason, mostly because of my own inadequacies I suspect, God has chosen to use me for the time being  in a small part in their lives. And the funny thing is, along the way, I really love those girls a whole lot.

(us, a year ago, at a Christmas party... several of those girls are gone now to college!) 

I pray that I'm able to share the Gospel with them, to show Jesus to them, like mr. jeff did with me...and that all of the junk of me is washed away.

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