Pocket Letters- this is not project life!

So... I found a new thing. 

Adding a planner, and a documented faith moleskin, and a journaling Bible were apparently not enough additional creative endeavors for me in 2015, so now I am adding this. 

This is NOT Project Life, although it looks similar. 

It is a letter. In pocket form. 

I have friends that live all over... England, Scotland, Ireland, Bundibugyo, Alaska... the list goes on. I'm often at the post office, sending off a little letter or small package here or there. 

And then I stumbled across the idea of Pocket Letters on Instagram and just HAD to do it for my friends! 

It's in a baseball card protector, that can be folded into thirds and slid into a long envelope. What do you put into the pockets? Well, all sorts of things! 

The design team is using this color board this week as inspiration for our projects, so I decided to do my first Pocket Letter using it as well. 

I am using the Shine Bright Kit since it goes with this color board so perfectly (almost like we... planned that... hehe). 

I tucked in behind the cards some old notes between my friend and I... a mini book mark...

Some tea, some cute odds & ends, and a full letter. 

Isn't this SO fun??! I'm obsessed. Come join our FB group and share with us your color board creations this week! 


My Sunshine Girl

We have had the most nasty last couple of weeks here in Alabama... lots of just cold, rainy, gray grey days. And the next week looks like more rain is coming! I normally love a rainy day but for some reason, this year, it has really affected me. 

I have some adorable sunshiney pictures of my baby girl and combined with the Shine Bright kit (a couple still available!), it has perked me right up. Colors make me happy!

I'm glad I got more of those resin flowers from Noel's shop... I used THREE on this layout!

After I made my layout, I realized- WOOPS! I made a little journaling error.

I fixed it easily by just handwriting some words to highlight and adhering down on top. Easy! 

Did you see this deal on the NoelMignon facebook page? Yeah I thought you might have missed it! 


Preschool Art Lessons Part 2: Bruegel and Cool/Warm Colors

(This is an ongoing series of casual art exploration I am going through with a few preschoolers. 
You can see my first post here.)

This week we continued to use the Usborne Children's Book of Art and do a little learning about Bruegel.

Because, understandably, as soon as they arrive, my little students want to begin getting messy, I reserve some of our "history" until later in the lesson. We started out by watching this little video about warm and cool colors (which they giggled about!).

I pulled out the liquid watercolors and we began painting our color wheel. I used some printables from  an art lesson on "Hot Dogs and Cool Cats" from TPT that you can find here.


After mixing our paints and enjoying the process of seeing new colors come alive, we talked about how cool it is that you can divide the color wheel in half and have one side with WARM colors and the other side with COOL colors. We also talked about what colors make us feel certain things.

Then we colored our dogs with whatever choice of warm color they wanted, and our cats with whatever cool color they chose. The lesson has some other activities that could extend this activity, but today we just kept it to these. We may re-visit some of them other activities later. 

We began working on this project from Deep Space Sparkle, using warm and cool colors. The girls all colored/painted two sheets of paper: one with nothing but warm colors, the other with nothing but cool colors. 

While they were drying, we watched a little video about Bruegel and I encouraged the girls to shout out when they noticed warm colors or cool colors in his work. 

Next week, we'll finish up their warm & cool piece and begin on our next topic (Rembrandt, Veneer, and Everyday Scenes)! 

I really liked this power point and simple instructions on atmospheric perspective with Bruegel, and I had planned on us doing it too, but we just ran out of time. We will probably use it when we study Caspar Friedrich and oceans/mountains. 

This post had lots of links and good info on Pieter Bruegel, too. 



Preschool Art Lessons

In the fall, a homeschooling friend of mine began talking about doing a mini-art lesson each week with her 4 year old daughter, so we began doing just a little crafty/art time together with Ariana. 

It's evolved a little this semester, and we added another little student. I love helping little ones begin learning about simple art basics, and I thought I'd share my plans here for anyone else who'd like to play along at home! 

Last semester, we experimented a lot with color theory and mediums. We also did a lot of seasonal play! 

I got this book before Christmas and decided that during the spring semester, I would loosely follow it and we would do some veryyyyyy simple studies of the Masters. 

Last week (our first week), we talked about the colors in the rainbow and experimented with the different ways different media looks: watercolor, different tipped markers, liquid water color, acrylic paint, neocolors, and oil pastels. 

The girls made a banner that they took home, a different color & medium represented on each piece of the banner. It was cute! 

This week, we talked about the Renaissance and specifically, Leonardo Da Vinci! Before we got into all of that, though, we looked in the mirror and tried to draw our different expressions (especially paying attention to how our eyes, eyebrows, and mouth looked during each one). 

Then we watched this little video about Leonardo Da Vinci. 

After hearing about the Mona Lisa, we had to try our hands at adding hair and clothing! (This activity would be really fun to see how they did at different ages.) 

Then we worked on self portraits, using this printable. 

Because little ones often tend to rush through an activity like this, I had them only do what I instructed them for each step instead of just free styling it. They first had to go look in the mirror and I prompted them with questions like "What shape are your eyes? Are they football shaped or circles? What color are they?" and then they would come back and just draw their eyes... and so on and so forth, so that they really took the time to look at their faces and try to draw details. I loved their results! 

 I'll continue to share our journey each week! 


My Workstation Tour

Good morning friends! I'm here to show my little workstation area for my crafting! It's been so fun to get a peek into everyone's spaces this week on the NoelMignon blog.

My workspace has evolved over the years. It changes size and location fairly often. Right now, what's working for me is to have a corner in the dining room. It keeps my family near by and is easy to hop over to in order to grab a few minutes here and there. It's really important to me that my kids are nurtured creatively, and that comes with seeing me working and coming alongside fairly often. So for now- even though it's probably messy, I'm loving the casualness of having it in the corning of our dining room. 

I do not keep all of my scrapbooking supplies in the dining room. I have a shelf in another room that stores the bulk of my stuff, old kits, papers, embellishments, albums, etc. However, I've learned over the years that keeping too much stuff around overwhelms me, so I try to purge often and only keep my favorites. I also keep two or three recent NM kits here at my workstation, but after a few months, I retire them to my big shelf. 

It's really important to me to have ALL my artsy supplies handy, and when I found this old random drawer at the thrift store, I knew it would be perfect for corralling all of my jars! It just makes me happy to see this out, and my kids like it too. ;) 

I keep a small basket with the latest kits' small embellishments right in front of me on the desk so I can see it easily. These little strawberry baskets are perfect for them. 

My kit papers goes in this organizer to the left, along with sketch books and watercolor paper. You can see the papers peeking out! 

Right above where my papers go is this frame. I love to hang all of the embellishments from the kit on here that I can, because it keeps them in mind for me and is an adorable themed decoration for the month, too! 

To the left of my chair is this cart with stamps, tools, and leftover embellishments from previous kits. I try to keep this rotated and cleared out every few months to restock with new items. 

I hope you like my messy little corner! It sure does make me happy! : )


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