Making Project Life Work for Me!

So I've done it. I've jumped on the bandwagon and decided to do Project Life

After being on Instagram for a while, several of my scrapbooking friends on there would be posting little updates to their Project Life albums. I was intrigued and I loved the artsy look to theirs... I had originally discounted the idea of doing Project Life because the main examples that I had seen looked really rigid and not really up my alley. Plus the whole idea of documenting every week of our life for a year?! That sounded OVER.WHELMING. 

A discussion was started on the NM message boards about it, and in no time at all, I found myself saying that I was going to jump in with it this year! 

This is how I'm making it work for me. 

1. No fancy boxes of product for me... in other words, I'm not buying the pre-set Project Life products, other than some of the page protectors. I'm pulling from my stash of stuff. I have a drawer system for my PL, and one of my drawers is just for stuff that I'm going to use. So far I have the Lily Bee Memento line and Elle's Studios products in there, along with some Authentique die cuts. My main plan is to use my NoelMignon kits each month. The Cabin Fever kit is the perfect start to my album. Noel's kits are always seasonally appropriate, so I can make each month stand out in my album... I know how I am, and I will want a large variety of product in my album or I will get disinterested quickly. 

2. I'm keeping organized via social media...a large portion of my life is simply documented through twitter, facebook, and instagram. They are all, unfortunately, not very easy to search for. EnterMemento, a journaling app. You can write daily entries, add photos, and most awesomely, import feeds from all your social networks. 

Then you can go to your calendar, click on a day with a blue dot underneath....

And see your entries for that day. It has become a lifesaver for me, with scrapbooking in general, with my December Daily, and now with Project Life. I can very easily track what we did each day, photos snapped, and things we're interested in with this little app. 

3. I'm not going to make this more complicated than it needs to be. 

 Last night I made my cover page for the album. I printed off several shots that we used for our Christmas card. 

Culled a pile of goodies from the Cabin Fever kit. 

Cut and laid out the photos/paper. 

Starting adding some embellishments. 

And slid everything into it's spot. I actually added some items on top of the 
page protector for a little dimension. 

 And here's the final product. Simple, easy, and definitely my style! 

Are you doing Project Life? Let's do this together and keep each other encouraged!
 Please join me on  the message board and we'll keep each other going! 


  1. Seriously...where in the world do you find the time???

  2. Great page Virginia - I too have jumped on the Project Life wagon & have vowed to keep it simple but still my style. I have so many pics that never get scrapped because I just don't have the time, and by the time I get to them - I will have forgotten the story :( I'm am hoping this will be a way of keeping up with our family story without being too overwhelming - we'll see :)

  3. Awesome Virginia!! I just download the Memento app. It's gonna be a lifesaver!

  4. Love this V! I'm gonna have to download that app. I'm jumping on the PL train again too and hoping it will help me find my love of scrapbooking again. Why can't we live closer together? Dang, we have too much in common! Love ya V!

  5. i love that you're using what works for you. great stuff:)

  6. Adorable cover page!! I just finished mine but haven't taken any pics yet. I {love} the PL concept!

  7. I like your ideas and your organizational way of "doing" PL. I too decided kind of late in this whole project. But I think I'm getting into it. I too, will be tapping into the abundance of my stash to dress my little windows of my year of days,weeks and months. Just wanted to say thanks!

  8. What a great idea! Next year, I might do that. The thought of being tied to extra project deadlines I don't *have* to do definitely scares me, so I didn't do PL this year. But, your way definitely makes it doable. Love it.

  9. Great ideas. I too jumped on the project life train. Actually I jumped in two years ago but fell off about a month in. I decided this time to make it MY project not what others are doing. So my layouts probably won't be every single week. I need that app though, so thanks. Keeping up w the joirnaling details is the hardest part. Love your pages.

  10. I too am thinking of doing project life but did not want to purchase so much stuff and it might not even work well for me. I am very unorganized and am working at writing things down so hopefully this will help mel I am going to do what you did and use my own stuff and make this all my style, no kits for me!!


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