Favorites of 2011

Scrolling through all my photos this year, I went through a lot of emotions.

I  saw:

photos of lots of people not in my family; my little photography side job grew a lot this year! I am thankful this is a way I can earn a little extra cash and get to explore my creative side... plus I get to hang out with a lot of great people!!

the kiddos at Mom's Day Out and the group of teachers there that I'm growing closer to all the time.

the amazing community at my church.

my fun, nerdy family... Dr. Who, sci-fi, Sonic runs, laughing 'til we're crying, and growing together.

saying goodbye to our dear friends, the Morgans, as they headed away to Ireland.

dabbling into mixed media art.

lots of instagram pics.

my high school girls at church... several of them that went off to college this fall.

my little guy starting kindergarten and my big girl in 1st grade.

the horrific destruction of the tornadoes across on the south on April 27th.

my sweet husband at my side... us growing together. 11 years!!!

Enough musing from me... here are my favorite projects of 2011!

Talk to ya next year, friends!!! ;) 


  1. So many of my favorites too! see u next year!

  2. they're all gorgeous :) I think my favs are Puppy Love and Making Houses!

  3. As always, your art is amazing. I see some of my favorites in there as well. Miss you!!!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous work as always my friend. You're such a talented lady. I love it when you share your art!


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