Conversations of the heart

I'm taken aback time & time again how much being a parent sanctifies me.

As C.S. Lewis and Tolkien and so many others used stories and analogy to teach deeper truths, so does the simplicity of little things I say to the kids, over and over, teach deeper truths to my heart.

One conversation I had today...

Emerson is super scared of cats. I don't know why, there's never been any sort of situation that caused this (to my knowledge). It's an irrational fear.

We were at a friend's house that had a cat, sitting on the porch, napping, as cats do.

Emerson did NOT want to walk past the cat to get her water. Over and over it would happen- she needed to pass by the cat, but she would start to freak out. I'm not big into forcing my kids to do something that is scary to them- BUT when I know it's something that they need to overcome, I do try to encourage them and lead them in a different way.

I would say different things to her about it, to try to help her.... as I have in other situations. But the gist of what my I finally said to her, was this:

"I know you feel scared. And that's okay. Mommy feels all sorts of feelings for different reasons sometimes. I get scared of things and I don't know why. But they might not be the truth. Would I let you be around something dangerous? Do I love you? Do you trust me? You have to remember what the truth is. You have to tell yourself, 'I know I'm scared, but what is the truth. The truth is, this cat is not going to hurt me. My mommy is watching out for me.' "

Oh man, how I need to hear that too. To remind myself of the truth of the Gospel, when my emotions are directing me in a completely opposite way.

I've lately been convicted over how much I allow my emotions to rule me. I'm humbled by the need of repentance. Not that emotions are wrong or sinful, but allowing them to control me to the point of being blinded to the Truth? Yeah, that's no good.

So when I'm freaking out over something, or afraid, I need to tell myself the Truth. And trust that God loves me, and His hand is guiding me. Even when it looks like the scariest thing in the world... to me.

I'm praying my little one (and I) remembers the truth, too, even when she feels scared or confused or overwhelmed. Whether it's over a cat or later on, a boy, or a big decision, or the daily grind of being a mama.


  1. I recently went to Melody Ross' Brave Girl camp and you just said in a nutshell most of what she taught us in the camp. During one of our sharing times, one of the gals said, the truth is the truth is the truth and we can never forget that.

    What a profound statement. I hope you are a follower of The Brave Girls Club but if you aren't, go sign up for the daily newsletter and follower their blog. It's a wonderful place to be and I think you would be right at home!!!

    I read your blog all the time but rarely comment but I felt like I needed to tell you about this!!! Thanks for listening.

  2. Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

  3. Absolutely. Boy, that advice had never rang truer for me than over the past few months :) Something we all need to remember!

  4. so thankful to have found this today V....good stuff!
    Thanks for sharing.


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