Two cool things

Okay, so I've jumped on the "tumblr" bandwagon, and I must say- I dig it.

What is tumblr?

Basically, it's like bookmarking things, but in images. And chronologically (aka streamed like a blog). For us visual folks, it's awesome.

It's got a social networking aspect that allows you to follow other tumblr folks and see their posts in your feed. You can also re-blog other links & images that folks post and spread the word.

Wanna know how to do it? Look here.

Already have a tumblr account? Starting one up? Leave me a linky in the comments so I can check yours out! (I also have my tumblr account linked in my side bar in case you get nosy later.) :)

The second cool thing is this new-to-me technique I've been doing in my crafting lately- painting with mists.

You can read how I do this simple technique, right here!


  1. I love tumblr too! It's so fun and easy to find my favorite stuff. I just checked yours out and we have the same butterfly mobile marked! Great minds think alike. :)
    Here's me on tumblr: http://colleensheehy.tumblr.com/

  2. thanks for the link. going to check yours out.


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