What's on your teux deux list?

I've always been a list maker.

To the point of putting meaningless, small tasks into a list, just to check it off.

However, now if I have a list laying out in my house, someone else swipes it and uses it for a coloring sheet.

So I am in total love with this awesome internet based to-do list, teuxdeux.

It's simple, clean looking, and works really well.

No fancy bells or whistles, just a straight up to do list.

It even bumps yesterday's unchecked items into today's list.

(Don't laugh at my "Someday" list. You know that's at the top of your list, too.)


  1. this website is so cool! thanks so much for the share :)

  2. VIRGINIA!!!!! that is one awesome find, thankd for sharing, my darling daughter currently tries to eat!!! yes EAT!! any piece of paper that might be found in her radius!!!
    .... my biggest to do is orgainising the final bits for my little one's Christening which is next week!!! argh indeed the list is ever growing wish us luck!!!

    take care xxxx

  3. Oh my goodness!!! You know I am IN LOVE with this. YAY! Thank you for posting this.


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