Entertainment Center Decoration Revamp

I mentioned in my previous post that I've had the decorating bug really bad lately. Some of my little vignettes around the house have been the same for quite a while (you know, in the midst of having my fourth child, the "change up vignettes" gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list).

Now that Ari is 8 months (today! Where did the time go? Sheesh!), I've been looking around the house and changing some things up. You know, with all that free time I have. hehe

Okay okay- to be honest, I've just flipped my "to-do" list upside down. The "change up vignettes" is still at the bottom of the list, but I'm really tired of laundry being at the top.

So- this was the top of my entertainment center. It actually had some other stuff up there, but I forgot to take a before pic, before I started taking stuff off.

I've had that Lady of Shallott picture since college. I love it, but I'm sooooooooooo bored with looking at it.

And this is my after:

I made the tri-fold thingamajig out of this (see before pics here), some wire, and clothespins. I want to hang some black & white prints of the fam on there, but I haven't printed them yet. Look at me, all hasty to take pics that I couldn't even wait to do that. For shame, for shame.
The white vinyl on the wall I made myself, with my Silhouette machine and some of the cute Silhouette images.

I may go back and add some brown paint wash over the whole trifold thingamajig... I want to wait and see what it looks like once I add the pics.


  1. is there anything you make that's not cute? i don't think so! i love it! i love the vinyl!! we really need to get together! i'll bring my vinyl!!

  2. Lovely!!!! Goodness you need to live closer so you can cut me cute stuff for my house!!! lol ;)

  3. LOVE it!!! I've been planning on using that one bird on a branch Silhouette image for a while now. Guess you've pushed me to get my butt moving and get mine up!

  4. I LOVE it! The trifold thingy is adorable! It is like a blue sky backdrop to the whole vignette. So cute.

  5. Wow! Looks awesome, Virge! I love it! I especially like the vinyl on the wall. Looks really fresh!

  6. completely cute! i'm envious!

  7. completely cute! i'm envious!

  8. Good for you for flipping your to do list!! It looks very fresh!!

  9. How cool is that. So fun and cheerful. I have that same decorating bug, I think I need to turn my to do list upside down too!

  10. That is so fabulous, Virg! I love the blue, green, white combo, too!


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