True Things Challenge: Album Cover

Yesterday, I played the song "True Things" for my Sr. High Sunday School girls, and we had a long discussion about our identity- what we think defines us, what we think others define us as, and who we are seen as by God.

My girls challenge me. One of them said something that I have been mulling over. Is God gullible or foolish for loving us? Obviously, if God were human (or had human attributes)- then yeah, He would be rather foolish for loving us. But His attributes are so much bigger than ours. Perfect. Holy. Things we can't really wrap our finite minds around.

I'm still grappling with how best to answer that. I really liked what Wilna Furstenburg said the other day about God's love,

" God doesn't need our permission to love us; he loves us anyway! We can love Him because He loved us first. You do not have tobecome a better person before He will love you more. Just as you are. No matter what. He loves us with no strings attached. He love us because He is love. He cannot HELP but love. His love comes from a source within Himself... He doesn't have any external factors that influences his love."

Incredible. Truly.


Last night, I started my journal/album for my True Things Project. I really want to take my time with this, to savor each step, and probably sometimes, struggle with each step.

I would love to see if any of you join along with me. Make sure to link back here.
(Please feel free to ask any questions about my artistic process on the album cover and I'll explain in the next post!)


  1. love it!! i think i may start on mine today!!

  2. OH. MY. GRAVY. I die. This is so freaking awesome.

  3. Oh my! This is truly awesome!!! And yes, I want to know how you did this.....it is breathtaking!!!

  4. Totally gorgeous. I just saw the announcement on Margie's blog. Congratulation! So happy and looking forward to see your creation.


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