-I've been enjoying listening to the rain & thunder in the evenings, lighting the candles, and doing my nightly routine of cleaning the kitchen. It makes such a cruddy task seem so much more pleasant with mood lighting. ;)

-My kids have been getting along really great this week. I've been eavesdropping on their imaginary games. They are hilarious and sweet. Now, if we could only stop the whining...

-Anytime we get ready to go somewhere, I have the kids lay out their clothes the night before. Emerson revels in this task. These are the clothes laid out for Sunday, complete with faces drawn for each kid.

-I've had the decorating/rearranging bug BAD this month. Really bad. I've been doing all sorts of little home projects. Here's a peek at one... I'll be taking more pics today when I finish it.

(Found this roadside and couldn't pass it up...)

To be continued. :)


  1. I love seeing their little clothes all lined up......so sweet! Especially the drawings of their faces!

  2. I love the clothes lined up with the pictures of their faces. soooo cute!

  3. I just love to see what kids do! Those faces with the clothes is priceless....would make a fabulous scrapbook page! That ugly trifold piece already looks 100% better after you painted it white...can't wait to see what you do with it. Lastly, gotta try that cleaning by candle light business! If you miss a crumb or two...it will not show! ;)

  4. Did Emerson lay all of those out? I bet she'd love dressing everyone!


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