And we keep on truckin'...

(Miss Ariana is now 7 months!)

Today was Day Ten of the stomach bug in our house. This time it was the Mr. that had it.

Remarkably, I haven't been subjected to this yuckiness. You know, other than cleaning it up and such... but hey, I am fine with that, as long as I'm not the one feeling sick!

It has been one of the harder weeks of being a mama of four, but the small graces that happen seem to show up in more contrast during these times... and if I don't focus on those, then I could end up losing my mind. So yay for people that lend a hand and love on ya, and laundry being caught up, and Sonic Slushes, and laughing, and let's not forget: caffeine.

Life has had to keep going on during all of this, and one of the things that we just couldn't miss was Emerson's first ballet recital.

I was so surprised by how I felt watching her up there, doing her thing. There was a little bit of the sense of seeing her spreading her wings; actually seeing her independence. Just a glimpse of the fact that she is not going to need me one day, and also- that she will be okay when that happens.

I know, a lot to go through my head over my 5 year old's little dance, but sometimes it just hits you at the oddest moments.

Tomorrow, the little dude turns 4. :) There shall be much celebrating.


  1. Oh how I love that chunky monk! I just wanna squeeze her! (maybe soon.) And I'm so happy to see that y'all were able to make it to the recital. I was worried about that! oh, and happy early b'day Atticus! Hang in there girl! Thinking of you!

  2. Adorable pics :) I think the same things when my kids are doing a dance recital or playing baseball. Fun watching their time to shine! Hope you guys are feeling better :)

  3. Happy Birthday Atticus!!!!

    Praying all the germies leave and stay away for a LONG time V!!!

  4. hey...

    such cute piccies :O) my lil girlie turned the big 7 months on may 3rd too! wooooo!

    hoping the bugs fly away soon :O)


    sally xx

  5. These photos are oh, so sweet!! And Emerson will always need you {even during the fun teenage years when she swears she doesn't} =)


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