real life

some days, being a mom of four littles is not for the faint of heart.

it really is amazing, though, what being a parent does to you. it changes you and molds you and pushes you and teaches you in all of these amazing little glittering ways.

even in one of our worst days together as a family of 6, where there are trash cans at the ready for puke and too many loads of laundry to count and a bajillion cartoons watched, it still humbles me to think that this is my job. i may complain and take it for granted way too often, but i occasionally get a glimpse at the beauty of it all, and it outweighs the junk in it.


  1. oh, I feel for you. we've been there, and today we are very similar, but instead of throw up, mine have horrible colds. I have one crashed on the floor right now, one in my lap and the other reading. my house is a disaster. I needed to sit down for a minute to breathe (and check google reader). hehe.

  2. i actually love this pic... it is so real - real life!

  3. Very well said. Hope things look up for you soon. :)

  4. Dido! Only its me today. Thank goodness. Big kiddos are out at the ballfield and I am getting the play by play from mom via the cell.
    (Dad is coaching) Little kiddo is here with me watching movies. Mommyhood is a wonderful priviledge!!!!!! Sick or not. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  5. Thank you for your transparency! I often feel like a terrible mom when I get overwhelmed with the work of the house and the whining children... It is good to know that I am not alone and that there is true beauty in being able to let the Lord use us to mold His children... Very humbling indeed!


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