Free online class now up & running!!!

Come check it out.... if you've never tried out an online class, this is your chance to try it risk free.

Just think- creating a cool project, all in the comfort of your own home, with the option of doing it at your own pace in one night or over the course of weeks, with your pjs on and your snacks by your side?!

What can be better than that!

Click here to see what it's all about!!

(Don't forget you can order the kits that are featured in the class here in the Scrap Etc. store.)


  1. WOW - you did a great job on the video for your class. I haven't watched it all yet but the site and all your instructions look so great!! It's amazing how fast you can teach something when your students can't ramble on to you about how cute everything you do is, huh? I'm one of the worst students and always get off track 'talking in class' :D - anyway, just wanted to say Great Job - love to blog, too!! you rock, ya know?

  2. How cool is this??? I hate packing up all my stuff for a class - I always leave something behind that I need. Awesome idea!

  3. V is the cutest little thing out on the web!!!!


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