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Just wanted to let y'all know, you can get .01 prints at SnapFish for the next three days only (through October 11, 2008). Upload your photos and use coupon code FALLPENNY08 at checkout to get up to 50 prints for a penny each! Woo to the hoo!

Sorry for the lack of blogging, btw. We've had a variety of things going on this week that have kept me from gathering my thoughts and sitting down here. In the meantime, I'll leave you with some good links that have been shared with me lately!

High Desert Home
- it's a very simple & peaceful blog to visit. The author seems to have a pretty good perspective on life & faith & cutting out all of the "busy-ness," something I long for right now.

A good article about food mistakes parents make - we have a couple of picky eaters and I'm afraid I somewhat have enabled it. Check out the article if you can relate!

We made these
(in spider variety) last week with our friends J & C... Emerson named hers "Teapot."

Open this website and you are led directly to something Photoshop-esque, but it's all on the 'net.

I'm thinking ahead to Christmas- I enjoyed the comments in this blog post about celebrating in a meaningful way. We struggle a little with the concept of materialism/gifts... I don't think that they equal the same thing, but the lines get a little blurry some time. I'd be interested in any insight you guys have on this!

The synopsis of this book sounds really good. I have it on good word that it's a very good read.

I've been also thinking about "creative rules" that we give ourselves.... for me this would obviously be in scrapbooking, but I imagine that anyone that does stuff creatively, whether it be rearranging your house, picking out clothes, decorating a classroom, writing, photography, etc. etc...

One of the funny things is, as much as I give myself these rules, I really admire layouts and other creative ventures that don't follow them, so I don't know why *I* have to stick to them so religiously.

Some of the rules I give myself I will try intentionally break from time to time, in order to get my creativity flowing in a new direction, but these are a few of them that continue to pop up, over and over:

1. Navy & black must not appear on the same page together. (This applies to clothing as well.)

2. A title needs to be "grounded" by something underneath it. No floating titles, please.

3. Things need to be balanced on a page... if I use something visually heavy on one side of a page (i.e. a cluster of items, something dark or bold colored, something big), then there needs to be something on the other side that balances it out.

4. Odd numbers. Must have odd numbers of things. (I know this is a tried and true design principle, but again- it can be broken and look really cool. Why can't I break out?!)

I know I have more... it's kind of hard to differientiate between what's a habit and what's a rule sometimes.

What are some of the rules you give yourself?


  1. Well not so much about rules, but on the topic of meaningful holidays you should check out Noel Piper's book Treasuring God in Our Traditions. It's got some amazing ideas! I'm planning to re-read it in preparation for Christmas this year.

  2. i just posted the snapfish offer on NM MB i got the same email you did and i almost overlooked it....glad i didn't....

    rules and habits....grrrrr.... i am not going there...LOL

  3. Hi Virginia! I posted this at Money Saving Mom, too. I received a handout several years ago that helped me be more careful about the gifts my children receive. As an added bonus it helps me budget, too! Hope you find it helpful.

  4. I don't really have many scrapbooking 'rules'...

    I do however have one major rule - only 2 dr. pepper's per day - MAX. AND they have to be in a can - and very cold.

    For scrapbooking, my rule might just be to get the page done! And to use my own handwritting! It not only saves time, but adds more 'me' to my pages...

  5. No rules, really! But, heck, i am a no-rules kind of girl, ya know!

    So.........scrap on!

  6. Xavier would totally fight you on the navy/black thing saying that black goes with everything.

  7. I am offended Virginia, OFFENDED, that you did not put MY blog as the peaceful blog link.

    As for rules...I agree with the Navy and Black thing and the odd numbers thing too.
    Now don't you like it when people agree with you?!


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