Some more answers...

Paige (and a few others) asked how I made the notebook in this post - yes, it's with the Accucut. Each little section of notebook paper was cut with my new favorite die from them... and it didn't take hardly any time at all to cut it.

I am thoroughly addicted to the Accucut. I mean, seriously. Ask Lucy. She knows. I can't resist it.

I'm thinking I might be making some of those - the notebooks, not the accucut machines, silly - for the Etsy shop. ;) I'll keep you posted. My mind is rather full of all these creative things I'd like to do but not nearly enough time do it in!

On another random note, what do you think of the new layout? Too busy? I can't decide. Should I go back to a two column layout?

Oh the decisions I have to make in my world. ;)


I wanted to answer another question from a while back:

Lee-Ellen said...

how does your creative process start? do you choose pics you want to scrap and go from there or let products guide you to choose a pic to scrap?

Usually, I pick what products I want to play with... sometimes it's a DT assignment, sometimes it's just whatever new stuff I've recently bought and I want to play with it. Then I usually decide what story I want to tell.

I'm usually thinking about scrapbooking all the time.... not so much scrapbooking in the specific terms, but like, what things do I want my kids to know, what do I have on my heart that I want to get out, that sort of thing. Then I select the pics to go along with that. Sometimes, if it's something really specific, like "Atticus plays with cars all the time right now," then I get the pictures of him playing with cars. Sometimes, it's more along the lines of, "I feel so much pressure being a mom to my girls," and then I pick pictures of me, of my girls, of shoes/dresses/nail polish...whatever fits my mood.

Then I start throwing stuff down. I'm a fast scrapper- I gotta be with the littles running around all the time- I usually do a couple of layers as the "base" of the layout, put my photos & embellies on, then journal, then add whatever remaining embellies I think it needs.

how did you choose the kids names? i love them, they are so unique!

Aw, thanks! All of our kids are named after something/someone in literature. Emerson is after Ralph Waldo Emerson. When the Hubs & I were dating, he gave me some essays and poetry by Emerson about friendship, so it's always had some special meaning to us. Atticus is after Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. He's a character we both really admire (Shaun was the one that came up with that name... I had to warm up to it a bit.) Sabriel is after a character in one of Garth Nix's books, and it represents our love for fantasy books. Her character is also one of compassion and bravery, so I really like that sort of "legacy" for a girl. :)

We want to have a couple of more kids, and some of the names I'm knocking around for boys are Cullen, Grimm, Sirius, and Remus. Can you guess what those are from? (Btw, no kids on the plans for the near future, before anyone asks!)
Shaun has one picked out for a girl, but I won't mention it here yet. Maybe it'll grow on me. Who knows- that's waaaaaaaaaaay in the future anyways.

do you get to scrap when the kiddos are up or do you have to wait until after they go to bed?
Evvvvvvvvvvvvery once in a while, mainly on the weekends, do I get to scrap during the day. They are very interested in mommy's "stuff," so I try to keep it put away where prying fingers can't rub black Staz-On ink all over his legs like they did last Monday. I usually scrap at night, and lately that's been in my bedroom while I've been watching DVDS of Angel or catching up on some of my other favorite shows.

on average, how much time a week do you get to scrap?

Hmmm.... I would easily say around 7 hours... I scrap nearly every night! It's probably more than that, but I'm afraid to add up the hours. ;)


My brain is really full at the moment, lots of different things going on...

-finalizing stuff for Wrapper's Delight
-planning a little surprise that I'll be announcing next week
-birthday plans
-a little heartache
-trying to think ahead to Christmas
-taking advantage of the fall weather (finally!!!)
-wanting to be a better mama to my little ones... struggling with what exactly that means
-desiring to journal more
-editing photos of my gorgeous friends

and a few of me... my friends make me look much better on camera than I do in real life... thank you girlies!

Alright... outta here to zone out. My brain & my heart need to have a little rest.


  1. awesome photos - ya'll are all beautiful - inside and out!!

  2. Awww V! I love the pictures! You guys are all just beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing all that! It was very interesting to read and I love seeing a little window into others lives! :) (on the mommy note we ALL wonder what being a godly mommy really is. I think most importantly we have to be intentional.)

  4. awe! i love your new pics girly...they are fab and i like your new blog....

    i have been thinking i will do a questions and answer session on my blog sometime this winter...when i am not so buys...OY VEY!

  5. Love the journal. Wish I'd seen that before the trip to Scrap Etc. today. Think I'd have had to splurge for some use of the Accu-cut machine :)

  6. You look beautiful...so it with me now, I am a beautiful woman.

    You must name your next son Cullen. The end.

  7. Love the hair!!! You don't look like a mom of 3.

  8. A girl's get-away - all over that! Your photos are great and so relaxed!
    Names? Love what you've chosen so far, but if I don't get a baby girl in the near future named Bella, I'm going to get a new pup named Bella!

  9. Thanks for answering my question V! I guess I need to go play w/ the accucut machine someday!


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