A few years ago...

someone very important in my life was born.

I looked up to her as I was growing up, but she was never too busy to stop and tell me a scary story about ghosts in the attic and subsequently scare the crap out of me.

She took the time to read Nancy Drew books to me when I was little, always using silly accents.

She was a huge part of how God drew me to Him; watching the change in her as God transformed her deeply impacted me.

She introduced me to my best friends in high school.

We wore false eyelashes and pretended to be anime girls together on my 18th birthday.

She invited me to a student preview weekend at Southeastern Bible College... she introduced me to a dude named Shaun... a dude that she had "picked out" for me... a dude that I ended up marrying.

She would hide in the balcony with me during chapel services where we took ridiculous pics of each other.

She's always been enormously generous to me.

An intrinsically huge part of my life.

She knows immediately when she hears from me if something is going on, even if I am trying to hide it.

She has exposed me to some of my favorite tv shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Office, and Big Brother. :)

She got sucked into Harry Potter with me and would be my #1 person by my side every time a new book was released or movie premiered.

She's my kids' godmother.

She's willing to step out of her comfort zone in so many areas, just because she knows it's important to me.

I can't imagine life without her.

I'm really glad she was born.


  1. Happy Birthday Ginger!! Hope it fabulous - how could it not be with those sweet kids singing to you?

  2. what a sweet tribute! happy birthday ginger!

  3. Aaww, What a sweet post. Happy Bday to Ginger!


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