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Every so often, my kids get into a thing where they want to watch all our little home videos on the computer. I just open up Windows Media Player, hit "play all," and my kids are easily entertained for 30 minutes or longer.

I feel like it's not as "mind numbing" as letting them sit down to an hour of cartoons or whatnot... at least, that's how I justify it in my head.

However, today is the third day of home video theater.

And I'm realizing something.

I have a really hard time dealing with noise- I would venture to say it's the hardest part of being a mom for me; the noise level sometimes just makes me go a little crazy.

Home video days make it sound like we have not just three preschoolers in the house, but SIX.

I keep hearing someone crying or calling mommy or whatever other noises that might be in the background of the home movies, and I think it's happening in real time.

I finally had to just shut it down for a little bit this afternoon.

There is one other thing I'm realizing from watching these videos...

scrapbooking is all well and good to capture all of those sweet images of our lives, to write out my journaling and thoughts, to record snippets of our days, but NOTHING can compare to hearing your child's giggle.

And that is something I will treasure having recorded for forever.


  1. I'm right there with you, we recently rediscovered our little camera that takes video and have some super cute ones! Actually, I put one on my blog yesterday if you want to take a peek! Your kiddos are adorable, as always, Atticus has the most adorable giggle!

  2. Love the Atticus giggles! I may have to bookmark that one. Kid giggles cure everything!

  3. Happy Birthday V!!!

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear VIRGINIA!!!!!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Love Ya!!!

  4. Not sure if I missed your birthday or not, but Happy Birthday VA!

  5. Noise is the thing that gets to me the most too during the day...but I agree with you about having the video, you will treasure those forever.

  6. Hi Virginia, I stop by your blog all the time and now I'm finally leaving you a comment! Thanks to you and Leslie for keeping Brandon in Toddler on Sunday, normally he doesn't cry when we drop him off anymore so when he did that the other day, it kinda weirded us out for a minute. Anyway, I love your blog and I'm adding it to my link list. Love your verse from Matthew that pops up on the comment section. Thats where I got my blog title. It's my favorite verse from the bible. Anywho, I know I've spoken to you in passing a few times and I've watched your kids in Children's Church so it's nice to meet you...again!
    -melissa mohr

  7. IT's your birthday? DId I miss it? HAppy Birthday!!! And I soooo agree with those videos. I am not always good about taking them because I am always behind the camera.....


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