Thanks you guys!

I got so many birthday wishes... comments, texts, cookies left on my doorstep, facebook messages, sweet deliveries by friends, ecards, phone calls, handmade gifts, and more! I really felt loved by my community of peeps.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly. I've been kind of figuring out some things about who I am lately, and a big part of that "reinvention" of the way I've been thinking about things kind of shook me up... so feeling the support of those I love really meant TONS to me. Thank you. :)

One way I'd like to thank you is by offering you something fun & new! Check out this video to find more details!

Fun stuff!

Here's a little something I made for Noel Mignon. Her kits have been selling out really fast lately, so if you like getting kits full of great product & unique items, I would sign up for her newsletter so you can be the first to know about her new kits & great contests. You can sign up by emailing Noel@noelmignon.com

The little collage I made on the layout:

Creating some "movement" with circles...
Off to enjoy this beautiful October day! If I'm more scarce in the blogging department this month, it just means I'm busy with getting all the awesomeness ready for Wrapper's Delight! (Pssst- check out the blog for some exciting news about the Silent Auction in a few days. We have some really cool info coming your way about that!)


  1. OMG! This is sooooo cooool! I'm so glad I'm not employed and can attend your on-line workshop! You did really good on the video. I'm impressed. BTW - praying for you today :)

  2. why the hell did i not know it was your birthday? grrrrr!!

    and i am so excited about your online classes...wooo hooo!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I didn't know it was your day, hope it was great. The online class looks so fun, think I might need to get one of those lil' kits!

    Atticus is getting SO big, seriously when did he get so tall? They grow up way too fast, can you believe Ari is almost 2!!!

  4. Now aren't you darling!!! Sounds like a great class - and happy birthday to you!!

  5. Happy Birthday, the layout is gorgeous, and thankyou for you kind comments and popping by.

    Carole xx

  6. Sounds like this online class is going to be a lot of fun!


I'm so glad you decided to leave me a comment today! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the world. :)


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