Done & Done.

Just finished reading... *Sigh*

so very good.

Now back to the laundry. ;)


  1. I was just at the library looking for a good book. Sigh, I left with nothing. Wish I would have seen your blog first. Next time I suppose.

  2. Was it all you hoped for and more!?!? And my laundry is out of control too...I had to take a nap lol. NOW I can get started lol

  3. well it was wonderful huh? we need to chat about it!! my laundry is suffering. my plans were to catch up today and it didn't happen. but i went to the new SE and played with the girls - so hey, that was totally worth it right? and guess what - we've converted Vanessa to a Twilight girl!! she's read the first two already and was getting the third one on the way home today!! YEAH!! i knew we could do it!

  4. agreed! awesome. loved it! sad it's over but happy for the ending.

    laundry never ends does it...?

  5. i'm reading twilight and i'm loving it. i'm over half way through. where the cullens are trying to figure out what to do with bella since the 3 new vampires have come into town. very good story. i can't wait to get the next book.


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