6 Random Things

I was tagged by Gmac, and since I am at a loss for any other blogging material at this late hour, I figured I'd share my randomness.

I have to share 6 random things about moi, so here goes:

1. I'm seriously addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper like some people are to coffee. Like, if there were a Dr. Pepper version of Starbucks, I'd be all over it. Pepperbucks. Eh, doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

2. I don't have a t.v., but as has been pointed out to me, I watch a decent amount of t.v. for someone without one. Specifically reality shows. And Lost. And Pushing Daisies (please come back in the fall!). And teenage dramas. Ahem. How do I do this? All the major networks have most of their full episodes available online to watch, legally. You might have to wait a day to watch it, but with my schedule, there's no way I'd be able to watch it at the right time anyways.

3. I'm working on re-evaluating (AGAIN) how I approach each day's schedule and routine. A lot of the reading here here and here has influenced this.

4. I made quesadillas (with cheese, fresh tomatoes, and TexJoy seasoning- yum!) for the kids for dinner and told them it was what Dora & Diego ate. They still turned their noses up at the tomatoes hidden inside. *sigh*

5. Sabriel pulled herself up to standing yesterday. She's not even 8 months yet. (I know, not technically a random thing about me, but considering that the fact that I will be chasing her very soon does greatly affect my life, I figure I can slide this one in.)

6. I am so ready for fall. Like, itching to go ahead and bring out my fall decor. I know. It's August. But Walmart already has it's mulled cider candles out on display!

I tag-- KimBurley Hill, my Rachel who used to be little but now is a real live grown up, and whoever else wants to join in. :)


  1. #4 is so cute and funny lol.
    It takes forever to get a good schedule down. I have to look at mine again and get it back on school time lol.

  2. oh i'm so ready for fall also. i love autumn! i'm ready for pumpkins and colored leaves and a bit cooler weather. :)

  3. Hey Virginia, I took a class from you way back... and evidently still blog stalk. :) Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of SimpleMom and have adapted her Daily Docket... it's been an incredibly useful tool since I adopted it about a month ago. I would highly recommend it!

  4. It made me laugh that you told your kids, "That's what Dora & Diego eat", so they would too. Then I thought about it, and you were probably being serious. They most likely do eat those.
    Hhmmm. Still was funny.

  5. Feeling you on the fall thing. We should just go to Hobby Lobby one day and walk around. It smells like fall in there!

  6. you tagged me! but i have to admit, i'm not as grown-up as i think i am, and i certainly wouldn't be as grown up as i will be without you.

    also, you'd best be making me some quesadillas whenever i come into town next. with corn tortillas. yum yum.

    and also, i love you.


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