Plastic Little Tikes Easel Makeover!

Ariana asked me a couple of weeks ago if she could be "a real painted with one of those standing up things," so when we spotted this little plastic easel at a yard sale for $1, we snatched it up. 

I wasn't thrilled with the primary colors and wondered if I could just spray paint it... and yes. 
Yes I could! 

I started off with a spray paint primer made for plastic.

I grabbed two colors from my paint collection- a rick turquoise and a happy watermelon. 

It was a pretty fast project and we love the results. It looks super cute on my porch and way better than the primary colors! (The watermelon reads more red in these photos than it actually is.) 

Super easy and fun project! And now Ariana can be a "real artist." ;)


  1. Im glad I found this! I just got a free, old, plastic easel that is pretty beat up and wanted to DIY it but wasn't sure if I could! Although im going to go a step further and use chalkboard paint in a pretty color instead :) Wish me luck!


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