(the kids' craft shelf)

The fall puts me into organizing/cleaning/fluffing the nest mode. For most people, it's spring cleaning... but for me, it's fall organizing. Ha! 

I'm purging a lot of extra stuff from my scrap room...I've joined a couple of facebook groups that you can sell & buy scrapbooking stuff on. I love it! It's so streamlined and simple. If you're interested in joining one, the two I recommend are "The Scrap Yard" and "Scrapbooking Deals." 

Anyways, I'm sure y'all will shortly get sick of my before & after photos around here soon, but don't say I didn't warn ya... because it's fall organizing time for me! :) 

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  1. I'm so like you...the kids go back to school in the fall & I'm ready to clean out EVERYthing!!


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