Little Girl

I'm loving the NoelMignon Evening Stroll kit (I know... I sound like a broken record...Good grief, that phrase is so going to have no meaning soon, isn't it?!), but I really, really do! Blues and greens are my go to colors for everything- scrapbooking, home decor, and clothing, so this kit is right up my alley! 

I think that honeycomb mask in the kit is so awesome, but instead of using it wit my mists or inks, I wanted to just trace around it for a fun twist. I used the light brown marker that came in last month's kit so it wouldn't be so bold on the page... and I loved the affect. 

I also busted out that great label stamp in the kit to add a strip of pretty frames along the bottom of the photos. That is a GREAT stamp! 

I hope you're having fun trying out new things and experimenting with your layouts! What's the newest thing you've tried on a layout? 

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