Hair Update

I didn't even think anyone would be all that interested in my hair post the other day, but since I've had some feedback from it, I'd thought I'd share a few things I've learned in this past week:

  • the coconut oil stuff is AWESOME! I got mine from the baking section in Walmart. I'm posting a video at the bottom of this post by Cute Girls Hairstyles, and she shows it in the video. I've learned that you can 1) put the coconut oil in your hair 30 minutes before washing for a treatment; 2) put it all over for a deep conditioning treatment and leave it in overnight before washing thoroughly; and 3) put a tiny amount on the bottom tips of your hair after washing as a conditioner. I've been using it the third way. My hair feels SO soft. I am constantly running my fingers through it now. The key is just using a tiny amount (I scoop it out of the container with my pinky nail!). You can learn all about it on the internet. This video has some great info about it; but there are tons of videos about it! I first learned about it from several of my friends who use it, and while I was skeptical at first, I'm a firm believer in it just from watching their useage of it. :)
  • I realized the other day that something that was making my hair all dried out feeling was also my use of hairspray (duh!). I didn't even connect it at first, but of course hairspray has tons of alcohol in it, which can dry out the hair super fast. I use this great super hold Aussie hair spray, which does a wonderful job at holding styles (especially curls!), but I need to make sure to use it sparingly. 
  • I only washed my hair twice last week, and use the dry shampoo on the other days that it needed it. It smelled great and my friends in real life told me it looked great. Or they were lying to me. You never know. ;) 
  • Oh, and to answer Carrie's question... nah, I really don't always get to shower every day. It's hard to do that with four kiddos! You grab them when you can get them! I do take a bubble bath almost every night during the winter time though... it's my way to unwind at the end of a crazy day. 
And that's all my hair revelations. Who knew I would have so much to ramble on about? ;) 

Oh, before I forget- here's the video from Cute Girls Hairstyles that shows the coconut oil and how to use it, and the dry shampoo that I use. I love her videos! 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to go check out the links! My dd has real coarse and thick hair! I've tried countless products and only the real expensive stuff works, but I need to be more frugal and find something equally good but costs less!

  2. I just ordered some coconut oil (since I can't seem to find it anywhere) and I can't wait to try it on my hair. I may have to check out some of the other products as well. Thanks for sharing the video:)

  3. Oh, you just don't know how excited I am about coconut oil. Grew up using it - it's like a staple in Belize:) Just watched the video and so implementing this is my and Eden's hair routine. Oh, and the whole washing your hair everyday. All my life, I've washed my hair every 3/4 days. I remember at SEBC some thought it weird which made me feel like they thought I was dirty or something. I stuck to it, though. Thanks for sharing your results.


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