Minimalist Scraproom

($5 says my husband snickers at me calling it "minimalist.") ;)

I really try to keep my scrap stuff pared down to what I actually use- I have a few reasons to why I purge my stuff down every couple of months:

  • My scrap stuff is mostly stored in my dining room.
  • I tend to get overwhelmed with too much stuff, and it gets me paralyzed as to what I should use.
  • I've got my style pretty nailed down, and I know what I like to use.
I'll share with you bits and pieces of my storage over the next few days; if you have any questions, just leave me el commento and I'll reply in the next post! :)

This unit is over on the left side of the room. It's just a cheapo bookshelf with a storage cubby hole thingamajig from Target on top. I love that thing. The hubs bought it for me as a Christmas gift 5 years ago- one of my favorite gifts ever! The little row of tins are from the $1 spot at Target from a few years ago, but I saw some again recently. They usually have them around spring time with their "gardening" stuff.
The shelf has a 3 drawer organizer that holds my most recent Noel Mignon kit, some of my favorite alphabets, and most recent purchases. It's my go-to spot for scrapping.

Here's a close up shot of the cubby hole organizer. Each column has similar type things in them.

From L-R: Chipboard embellishments, Journaling, Attachments, Inks/Stamps/Paints/Masks, Glitter + Stickles + Random stuff on the very bottom right cubby.
Below is an example of inside of one of the tins.... specifically the attachments. The foam circle holds brads on both sides.
Here's the row of glitter stuff. I have two tins inside of the middle cubby to hold all my stickles.
This is how I have them stored inside of the tin- upside down, nestled inside of a bed of beans.
Next to the drawers is a little metal bucket I have sticker labels and rub-ons and bigger journaling things. (I also keep the kids' scissors hidden in the back of it for their crafts- but I don't like for them to know where they are for obvious reasons. Hehe)

On the very top of the cubby unit are two baskets- one bigger one to hold completed mini albums, and this smaller basket for my ribbon stash. I keep the ribbons *mostly* organized by color in baggies. You can cram a whole lot of ribbons inside of ziploc bags!

I'll be sharing more tomorrow! :)


  1. this is awesome Virginia & reminds me i need to purge more & more often! can't wait for you to share more!!

  2. oh my goodness, this is awesome! oh, how i need to purge on a much more regular basis!


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