Scrapbooking storage, part two

(part one is here!)

I started showing you guys my scrapping storage in my dining room the other day. This is the second part to it. It's not very glamorous, and in the intent to be real, I didn't stage it for these photos. It is what it is, and mostly I'm messy when it comes to playing 'round!

This is a baker's rack full of my other stuff. This was my first piece of furniture I ever bought, way back in college. I actually bought it from the family that I nannied for, and it's served me well over the years!

This picture cuts off the bottom shelf level; I'll show that a few pics down.
My collection of Bic Mark-It pens stored in a cardboard mailbox from Hobby Lobby. The tin cup to the right holds glue sticks for my hot glue gun. Below are some old books I use for text paper on my canvasses and altered art, and a jar of embroidery thread and needles.
I found this little wire basket at a yard sale and it hangs on the top of the baker's rack. I love stuffing it with fun odds and ends to use. Also, you can see my collection of spray inks. I think I might have 4 different turquoises. I have a problem.
The second shelf holds some of my most used items. This basket pictured keeps some new little items, my proof of life album, a jar of paintbrushes, and my atg gun. And also, whatever I end up throwing into it when I'm trying to clean up quickly. Ha!
I love this fun little metal basket. I bought it for .39 at the thrift store one day. It's great for storing twine. To the left are a few of my sketch & idea books that I paste stuff into. The photo box shockingly stores photos, and the plastic box stores embellishments.
The third shelf holds these great Itso storage bins from Target. They are a little pricey (to me), BUT they are the perfect scrapping storage because they are way big and hold 12x12 papers perfectly. They are very sturdy, too. I was lucky to find 3 of them on clearance for 4.50 a piece, and I've always got an eye out for more!

(This one holds Lily Bee's and Girls' Paperie's latest releases.)
The other one on this shelf has the older releases in it.
Now, those of you who are super organized, shield your eyes, because I'm a bit ashamed of the bottom shelf. It needs some serious tlc (tender loving care, not the learning channel) soon! It's mix up of Ari's baby albums, a storage box of layouts that need to be put in albums, old NoelMignon kits, and all my other assorted pattered paper (in the itso bin). Oh, and the bag leftover from a class I taught last week. Need to unpack that soon. Ahem.
However, I have a plan for those kits- this storage unit below! The drawers and cabinet are completely empty, so I plan to store those in there soon. Above that is a shelf with some other mini albums, a bin of adhesive products, a bin of paints, and a basket of punches.
And here's where the magic happens... my dining room table. Crumbs and all. :)
Oh, I almost forgot! In the playroom, we have two cubes stacked on each other on either side of a loveseat. In the bottom cubes I have old idea books stored, along with seasonal products for Halloween and Christmas.

And that's it! I hope that maybe some of my storage ideas maybe spark an idea in you on how to store something of your own. :) Thanks for taking a peek into my world!

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  1. I have almost the same bakers rack! lol I have been afraid to put scrappy stuff on it because my boys can reach!


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