I have not been blogging.

I know, you're shocked. ;)

But here is what I have been doing:

Feeding and chasing after this Chunka-Munka. She's a very fast crawler. And very quiet. And very interested in exploring every nook & cranny of our home.

Laundry. Of course. Would you be surprised if I didn't mention it?

BUT. I got a little glimpse in my laundry room today, of this tiny, frou-frou dress laying on top of the basket. And it made me smile. I am glad to do these little ones' laundry.

We played "shape scavenger hunt." This is really easy & fun for preschoolers. As I was doing some random picking up around the house, I sent the kids on missions to find things of different shapes. Emerson & Atticus got really creative with it, it was fun to see them spot different shapes. We even did some letters. Sabby didn't really get the hang of it totally, but she had fun running after them.

We found a square:

And a triangle:
And an oval (his head):
This was a great add-in for our summer curriculum since someone (ahem, me) has not been organized enough to make sure we have all the ingredients on hand for activities every day.

Also, we made these little flip flop decorations (took all of a few minutes, and I predict many more flip flops will be decorated in the next few days). Well, when I say "we," I mean me. And Atticus was not in on this particular craft. He was doing dot-to-dot race cars.

I got the idea/tutorial from 320 * Sycamore. I used tulle instead of string. It's quite cute.

Reading. Trying to keep a better evening schedule so I'm not up to the wee hours of the morning and then a major grouch most of the next day. Having more purposeful, unplugged quiet hours in the evening (and sometimes, early mornings!).

(The hubs' nightstand. He's reading lots of stuff right now. I am a little envious of his ability to still be able to get fully absorbed in a book. I remember those days. Unfortunately, my brain is currently addled by preschoolerhood.)

Goodnight & sweet dreams....


  1. Laundry never seems to end does it? :)

    I find my best time is early in the mornings around 5:30 before the rest of the house is awake. Read my bible and journal and think through my tasks for the day. I am so unfocused if I ever miss this time.

  2. ok those are so cute! I must try them~and like I need another blog to look at;)

  3. Sooo adorable! Love the tulle!


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