Laundry room makeover

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Remember five-bajillion-kabillion years ago when I was doing my fall cleaning, and I mentioned our laundry room?

Let me refresh your memory on what it looked like:


I had been dreaming and dreaming of the day when I could move the fridge into our kitchen (remarkable idea, I know) and make my laundry room look all pretty.

Well, I think my hubs must've been reading my blog that day, because not too soon after, while the kids were away at grandma's for a much needed "mommy/daddy weekend," I hear all this noise coming from the kitchen, and lo' and behold, the fridge is making its way into the kitchen.

Be still, my heart.

After a day or so of reorganizing the kitchen, and then cleaning in the laundry room, I was able to paint and whip the laundry room into shape.

The table hides dirty laundry. ;)

The shutter/door is one of the French doors off of Sabriel & Ariana's closet- I have sheer curtains hung in their closet door to soften the room & make it easier for them to get in and out of. (Because, you know Ariana is all UP in there trying to play dress up. Hee hee)

I plan to add clothespins clipped onto the French door, holding up small tags with quotes, photos, and verses I'd like to think about while I fold laundry.

It's crazy how much lamp light can change the atmosphere of a room.

The window was in our garage; there are 4 of them that were taken off of our built in bookcases many years ago before we moved in, and I've been pilfering them for my own home decor over the last few months.

The room is very serene & cozy now. I have a sheer curtain hanging in the doorway there as well, and with the low lighting and warmth from the dryer, it's a very nice little hideaway for mommy when everything's going crazy in the house.

What's particularly funny to me, though, is how I had kind of tricked myself into thinking that "If only I had a pretty laundry room, ALL the PROBLEMS of my WORLD would be SOLVED!" Don't we do that so many times?

And then reality sets into our fickle hearts:

Yes, there is a big, yellow bike hanging from my ceiling.

And you know what? I'm cool with that. It's our real life. It means I have a husband here who loves to ride his bike and takes care of his stuff. It means that I have a husband here.

A husband who moved the fridge out of the laundry room for his silly wife, even though I'm sure that's not how he wanted to spend the morning before the Auburn-Alabama game, he did.

I am very grateful for that. For him.


  1. That looks amazing V!!! I LOVE the color you used...and thanks for showing us the bike too! lol ;)

  2. Cute, I was jealous you had an "extra" fridge in your laundry room. I need an extra fridge. But then I read it was your fridge ha ha!

  3. I love that closet door over the water heater - I need one -- I am on a mission now -- and don't you love the lamp on the dryer? Adds so much!

  4. It looks fabulous! I love the color you chose and the hanging window.

  5. Glad to see this. I was mad at myself when I realized I left without seeing your new kitchen / laundry room! Looks great!

  6. i love the bike on the ceiling - for all the reasons you said, and also because that's my life too - pretty great with a little bit of the uexpected! =D

  7. Beautiful! I'm sure it makes the chore of laundry much more enjoyable. :)


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