A call for some help.

One of my blogging friends, Star, recently posted on her blog about her sister in law.

This young mom is dying of cancer. Her prognosis is that she only has a few weeks left. Star is trying to collect up birthday cards for her SIL to fill out for each child's birthdays, up until they turn 18. I emailed with Star and she said she has about half of what she needs.

I would love to help her out, and I know I have a bunch of readers here who create beautiful cards. Can you join in with me in donating a handmade card to Star's sister in law?

Email me at 2blackflipflops at gmail dot com for where to send them. Let's try to get these to her by say, next Tuesday or Wednesday?

Thanks, friends.


  1. Thanks Virginia Its mean alot that you would post this! Your a sweetheart!

  2. V, I've posted this on my blog as well...I hope you don't mind.

    Could you please email me the address?

    avonfromhaley (at) yahoo (dot) com


  3. I'm in V! Can you e-mail me her addy?

  4. Count me in too! That is awesome that you are doing this for her. Please let me know where to send my card. Thank you xo - Emma


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