Messin' around on a rainy day...

Yesterday, I was uber productive and in major nesting mode, and it seems today I am feeling the backlash of that.

I woke up achey and feeling rather crummy; I think my allergies are kicking in. Plus this rainy, dreary weather just begs for me to light some candles, stay in my pjs, and spend the day piddling around in my craft room.

Speaking of the craft room, I did some re-arranging in there yesterday in preparation of a new table. I've used a roll-top desk for years, and while I LOVE it, my kids have been more and more interested in doing crafts with me while I scrap, so a bigger space has been needed. I'm planning on scavenging a table from Scrap Etc. or from a yard sale.

(Btw, I'm not commenting on Scrap Etc. and its closing yet. I think that's gonna have to take a whole post on its own. It's definitely the end of an era... but also the beginning of a new one while Lucy focuses more on Scripts kits and Scrap Etc. Events.)

Didn't mean for this to be a gloomy sort of post. It's the Eeyore-ish weather outside affecting me. :)

Here are some layouts & a little sign I made recently using My Little Shoebox products. I'm crossing my fingers that I get accepted for their design team, but if I don't, at least I have these layouts out of the experience. :)
Ciao, bellas. I hope you have a relaxing day!


  1. SO-- you're bummed too, huh.... such sad news. We need to have a farewell party.....

    on another subject--- LOVE the layouts!!!

  2. wow, i don't know how you have that energy! when i was preggo, i could barely tie my shoes and get my little one off to school!
    love your green walls:) i've got a similar color in my dining room.

  3. Fooey, this was the first place i came to see what you had to say on the Scrap Etc news. I read the email as soon as I got home, and it is pretty sad - however, i live in GA, so i only went to the store once - which was during my trip for the Event 3 years ago...

    Love the re-organizing. And i hope you find the perfect table for your craft room. I personally have been looking for an old dining room table for in my room, the kind that has the two sides that fold - so it would fit, yet i could make it bigger when needed...

  4. Love the layouts. So sad to hear about the store. How am I gonna come visit you guys??? Such a bummer :(

  5. Number one: don't get rid of that roll top desk, I know someone (winke!) that would love it!

    Number two: you make the MLS stuff look fabulous!

  6. The LOs are beautiful!!!! They'd be crazy not to accept you!!!!!

  7. Those creations are lovely...and if you don't make the team they are smoking crack over there. I love the Sab pics, too. Precious!

  8. yay- those are awesome projects and I am crossing my fingers that you will be part of the team!

    I can't wait to see your finished room!

  9. What a great makeover V! I'm super sorry to hear that Scrap Etc. is closing...I know it's like your second home.

    Hope your mood lifts soon. :-)


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