Discover your Scrapbook Style Online Class!

Have you ever wondered why it is that some scrapbookers' layouts are identifiable a mile away?

Do you have trouble deciding what purchases to make or what supplies you want to pull out because you're overwhelmed by it all- or just love it all?

Have you ever thought, "I wish I could figure out what my scrapbooking style is?"

Then this class is for you!

Join me, from the comfort of your own home & at your own pace, at noelmignon.com for an online workshop style class; June 1-3, cost $8.

The nitty gritty:

I don't claim to know everything about style and design, but I do know that I have grown from doing scrapbook pages like this:

to ones like this one, that better reflect my personal style and design sensibilities:

(We'll even discover how those early projects had clues to our personal style!)

This is going to be an interactive/discussion style class- not focusing on projects; however, I will be teaching you how to make a Design Workbook and producing a layout that features "your style." I'll also be including lots of visuals and printables (hey we're scrapbookers- we are visual creatures!). We'll be discussing what factors can go into helping you discover your scrapping style, key things to look at in that process, and some practical steps for pinpointing those elements.

What you get:
-my research and discussion on style elements
-my workshop guiding you through at least 3 different hands-on activities that help you define your style
-a completed Design Workbook - made with materials you already have on hand (with printables you can include within)
-a layout that represents your style (using supplies you already have on hand)
-a discount during the time of the class to the Noelmignon.com store

Please feel free to email me at 2blackflipflops at gmail dot com if you have any questions concerning this class; once you sign up, I will send you a "supply list" (don't worry, it's all basic stuff that you will already have available).

Looking forward to chatting with you all in June!


I've taught this class in a "live" setting before, and it was a great class! If you took this class from me last year, would you shoot me an email? 2blackflipflops at gmail dot com.


I'm so glad you decided to leave me a comment today! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the world. :)


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