Hey Ma, Look what I made!

Those of you who actually can sew, and do it well, need to just keep moving on to more inspiring blogs. ;)

I've been bookmarking and tagging stuff for a long time now, with the intimidating label "sewing." My most recent addition to the tag was this post from Grace Violet (who has an awesome blog, and you must add it immediately to your google reader or other rss feed reader!). She whipped up these super cute little wallets as teacher gifts, and made them look so cute and do-able, that I finally gave in and figured I'd pull out the ol' sewing machine.

This is my take on the "scrappy wallets." I've made another one since then, and also made two of these toy bags (they were seriously easy for even a novice like me; 15 minutes max on them!). I still can't seem to get the hang of straight lines or crisp edges, but I'm getting there.

My mom will be the happy (or dubious, depending on your perspective of handmade gifts) recipient of this particular wallet for Mother's Day.
It's definitely something I want to keep working on until I can get mine as cute looking as Grace Violet's. And just for pure cuteness' sake today, here's some cutie pie pics of Babyelle.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that shabby little wallet! And Sabriel is just adorable!!! Happy Mother's Day, V!

  2. Such a cutie! She really is so beautiful. And I cracked up at your tweet about becoming a seamstress in an afternoon b/c I do the same sort of thing. But the wallets look GREAT! You did a fabulous job.

  3. the wallet is too cute - i 'starred' that blog post in my reader - i love her blog!!

    and who is that sweet little girl?? she's gotten so big - i need to sniff her you know - it's been a while!!

  4. I am so making those toy bags...Elliya would love them...she loves bags!

  5. Oh goodness Sabriel is so precious- what amazing pics!i totally love your wallet! may have to get my machine out now too! lol! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow {{GIANT HUGS}}

  6. She is a beauty! And what a cool little pouch!


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