Makeover Loveliness and the Beginning of Spring Cleaning....

Remember how we "made-over" Emerson & Sabriel's room for Em's b'day?

Well, I decided to scrap those pictures the other day, and I used the latest kit from Noel Mignon, the Penny Arcade. I love how the soft, muted tones really let my pictures & the textures on the layout shine.

I got the title from a show on the DIY network. TV show names are a great place to go to for title inspiration!
I'm in LOVE with all the pretty pearls and elegant features in this kit.
To further carry out the theme of the layout (small space, big style), I made a mini album directly on the layout to hold more photos of the room.

On the homefront news, now that I'm out of the yucky/exhausted stage of pregnancy, I've been majorly bitten by the project bug. I wouldn't necessarily say that it's nesting, but rather just a kneejerk reaction to not being able to do anything but nap for a couple of months.

The first thing that I HAD to tackle was our closet. My poor hubs was wrestling with the closet monsters every morning trying to grab a t-shirt. I'm not quite sure how it got this bad.

Pretty embarressing.
While the kids were at MDO the other day, I grabbed these bins from Walmart (they come in a pack of 2 for $3- not bad!) and set to work.
Yes, I organize my tops by color and then by sleeve length. I know. I know.
These make me very happy. No more piles of pants falling over on the top shelf!
Next I'm hitting up the kitchen, and I'm totally going to be reading Simple Mom's spring cleaning tips for in there today. She's on her fourth day, you should check out the other links if you've got the spring cleaning bug!

Day One

Day Two

Day Three


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a messy closet!! I *really* need to reorganize and purge (hello, I have stuff in there from my "work" days...7 yrs ago...that does NOT fit anymore). Those bins are a great idea, we have the same stuff on our top shelf. Looks like I'm off to Walmart tomorrow :) (after I bathe the mutt...see facebook)

  2. Hi Virginia!! I found your blog through Shabby Blog website. I've been enjoying myself looking at all your beautiful layouts and projects!! Wanted to say hi let you know I was here. :) Have a blessed day!

  3. you're amazing! i adore the room makeover & the LO to celebrate it- WOW WOW WOW!! we're in the middle of 4yr old room makeover too- so i'm very excited to see your pics! also the spring cleaning is fantastic- i need it in every room here too- you're doing great!!


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