More Spring Cleaning

So last week, before we all were struck down with the stomach crud, we spent a day getting our front porch all prettified for spring and ready for us to hang out. Here's the before, in progress, and after pics!

We did everything "on the cheap" (aka borrowing stuff from other places in the house & re-purposing things) because we can't really budget in new porch furniture right now... so I covered the ugly camping chairs with some old sheets and tossed on some pillows. I wanted it to feel homey out there- we spend a fair amount of living time on the porch during the warmer months of the year.
I want to find a set of mismatched chairs for the table from the thrift store and paint them in a bright color- maybe like a pretty turquoise? I'm always dragging our dining room chairs out here so we can eat meals outside, and it gets old.
Hoping to get some time to sit out there today and read and enjoy the pretty weather with the kiddos... hope you have a great Monday!


  1. love the cleaning.
    it looks great.
    the porch is beautiful.
    i wanted to leave you a comment about a book that i read.
    i really can't remember if i have told you about it already or not so if i have then sorry but here it is again.
    it's called Rowan of the Wood and it's by christine and ethan rose. it is really good and i think that you would really like it. i haven't read the 2nd one yet but i am sure that it is really good too. one of the main characters in it is a young boy named cullen.

  2. Thanks Jen! I will definitely check it out, I haven't heard of it! I'm adding it to my goodreads list right now!

  3. Love your front porch! Looks very cozy! Enjoy your time outside today!

  4. Love your front porch! Love the craftsman style homes, and yours is so nice!

    I've been doing some spring cleaning as well - mainly in my laundry room - yikes!

    Wanted to add, I've gotten a few great deals on chairs at Goodwill. If you don't mind them being 'miss-matched' then might want to take a look (if you have a local goodwill). Here in my town we have 2.

  5. Great job Virginia! I wish I could sit on that porch with you and just relax and chat! Every time I see pics of your house that is just what I want to do! ;) Love your style!

  6. Looks like an awesome place to hang out with the kiddos!

  7. LOVE your front porch!!! I bet it's great to sit out there in the spring & fall months!

  8. I love that picture of Atticus cleaning the windows! LOL!

    It does look good. I want to come over and sit on that swing and enjoy all the peacefulness of where you guys live.

  9. i think it looks great girl! You have great style. I would kill for a porch like that. Screened in porches are my favorite!!! We live in an apartment right now but moving to another one across the hall because it has a screened in porch! I hear you on the cheap. I planted plants in cups and a bread pan because I didn't want to spend money on pots!!! Now, that is cheap. LOL!
    Good job!


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